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Hello guys. I've been thinking on putting together a giant pic with all (or most) of 40k ships in scale for my blog. It was done before, but the author missed a lot of ships and included a lot of fan-made ones, so I though I can do better.

For this project I need lengths of spaceships in question. A lot of those can be found in FFG's Rogue Trader roleplaying game, but it only covers a limited amount of vessels. So I thought to get the ship sizes by measuring miniature sizes and calculating using the data from ships that can be found both in BFG and a Rogue Trader. That would also give me an answer to a question of the scale in which BFG miniatures are made, which is also a good thing.

I do have some BFG miniatures, but I obviously need help of guys who own the ones I don't. So I ask you to measure and post lengths of miniatures listed below, if it is not too much trouble. And if you can google some photos of miniatures next to a ruler, that would also be useful. So here is the list of all BFG ships known to me and my progress on determining their size so far:

Emperor-class Battleship, Retribution-class Battleship (hull is the same) - no data
Apocalypse-class Battleship, Oberon-class Battleship (hull is the same) - no data
Vengeance-class Grand Cruiser, Avenger-class Grand Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 7.5km), Exorcist-class Grand Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 7.3km) (hull is the same) - no data
Armageddon-class Battlecruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5km) - no data
Mars-class Battlecruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5.4km), Overlord-class Battlecruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5.3km), Lunar-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5km), Tyrant-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5km), Dominator-class Cruiser, Gothic-class Cruiser, Dictator-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5.1km) (hull is the same) - miniature owned, length = 98мм
Dauntless-class Light cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 4.5km) - no data
Endeavour-class Light cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 3.8km), Endurance-class Light cruiser, Defiance-class Light cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 3.8km) (hull is the same) - no data
Sword-class Frigate (Rogue Trader length = 1.6km), Firestorm-class Frigate (hull is the same) - no data
Cobra-class Destroyer (Rogue Trader length = 1.5km) - no data
Falchion-class Escort - no data
Orbital Defences - Laser Platform - no data
Orbital Defences - Torpedo Launcher - no data
Orbital Defences - Weapons Platform - no data
Orbital Defences - Mine - no data
Transport (Rogue Trader length = 2.8km) - miniature owned, length = 39мм
System Ship - no data
Space Station - no data
Blackstone Fortress - no data
Ramilies-class Star Fort - no data

Battle barge - no data
Strike Cruiser - miniature owned, length = 62мм
Grey Knight Strike Cruiser (Forge World miniature) - no data
Hunter-class Destroyer - no data
Gladius-class Frigate - no data
Nova-class Frigate - no data

Planet Killer - no data
Despoiler-class Battleship, Desolator-class Battleship (hull is the same) - no data
Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 7.4km) - no data
Styx-class Heay Cruiser, Hades-class Heay Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5.2km), Acheron-class Heay Cruiser, Devastation-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5km), Murder-class Cruiser, Carnage-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5km), Slaughter-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 5km) (hull is the same) - no data
Idolator-class Raider - no data
Infidel-class Raider (Rogue Trader length = 7.5km) - no data
Iconoclast-class Destroyer (Rogue Trader length = 1.3km) - no data
Transport (Rogue Trader length = 2km) - no data

Void Stalker-class Battleship - no data
Shadow-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 4.7km) - no data
Eclipse-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 4.7km) - no data
Aurora-class Light cruiser (Rogue Trader length = 3.4km), Solaris-class Light cruiser (hull is the same) - no data
Hellebore-class Frigate (Rogue Trader length = 1.8km) - no data
Aconite-class Frigate (Rogue Trader length = 1.5km) - no data
Nightshade-class Destroyer (Rogue Trader length = 1.3km) - no data
Hemlock-class Destroyer (Rogue Trader length = 1.4km) - no data
Dragonship (Rogue Trader length = 4.5-5.5km) - no data
Wraithship (Rogue Trader length = 3km) - no data
Torture-class Cruiser - no data
Corsair-class Escort - no data

Dethdeala Battleship - no data
Slamblasta Battleship - no data
(Rogue Trader length = 11km)
Kill Kroozer - miniature owned, length = 68мм
Terror Ship - no data
(Rogue Trader length = around 4.5km)
Onslaught Attack Ship - miniature owned, length = 39мм
Savage Gunship - miniature owned, length = 40мм
Ravager Attack Ship - miniature owned, length = 40мм
(Rogue Trader length = 1.5km)
Brute Ram Ship (Rogue Trader length = 1.1km) - miniature owned, length = 31мм

Cairn-class Tombship - no data
Scythe-class Harvest Ship - no data
Shroud-class Light Cruiser - no data
Jackal-class Raider - no data
Dirge-class Raider - no data

Hive Ship - no data
Cruiser - no data
Vanguard Drone Ship - no data
Escort Drone Ship - no data

O'Res El'Leath (Custodian) -class Carrier (Forge World miniature) - no data
Kir'Shasvre (Castellan) -class Heavy escort (Forge World miniature) - no data
Lar'Shi'Vre (Protector) -class Warship (Forge World miniature) - no data
Il'Porrui (Emissary) -class Envoy ship (Forge World miniature) - no data
Transport (Forge World miniature) - no data
Security orbital (Forge World miniature) - no data
Air caste orbital city (Forge World miniature) - no data
Kroot Warsphere (Rogue Trader length = around 9km) - no data

So if anyone can help with miniature sizes - don't hesitate to contact me. :)

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It would be interesting to see how this turns out. I can't help you too much, but at one point while toying with an idea for a novel I used Flash to measure out the sizes of air and space attack craft versus a Dictator-class cruiser.

It's curious since the scale is massive, and yet the actual numbers of attack craft seem small, especially with the large space-borne ships.

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Imperial Emperor 118mm
Imperial Retribution/others 125mm w/ ram
Imperial Apocalypse 122mm
Chaos Panet Killer 138mm
Chaos Desolator 126mm
Chaos Despolier 120mm
AdMech 125mm

Grand Cruisers:
Chaos Repulsive 95mm
Chaos/Imperial Non-Repulsive Grand Cruisers 115mm

Imperial Cruisers and Battlecruisers 95mm
Chaos Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers 96mm
Eldar Shadow 90mm
Eldar Eclipse 94mm
AdMech 93mm
Ork Krooza/Terrorship 69mm

Light Cruisers:
Imperial Dauntless 75mm
AdMech 75mm

Imperial Sword 47mm
Imperial Firestorm 51mm
Imperial Cobra 30mm
Imperial Falchion 49mm
Transport 40mm
Chaos Iconoclast 38mm
Chaos Idolator 40mm
Chaos Infidel 42mm
Eldar Aconite 37mm
Eldar Helbore 62mm
Eldar Nigthshade 35mm
Ork Ravager 40mm
Ork Savage 46mm
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