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Betrayers of Pain WIP

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I was looking to choose a warband and was torn between two, The Reborn or the Betrayers of Pain. Both of them seem to make using of corrosion within their schemes and I fancied using the new technical paints. I ended up deciding to test my first model using the Betrayers of Pain scheme.

The Warband has only appeared it seems in a copy of the US White Dwarf, so there's plenty of room to play around it. My first impressions of the scheme was that it seemed quite out there and something I'd never normally try so I thought it would be a good change. So I got to work this morning and this is what I've come up with and was hoping I could get some feedback on it.

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I agree with everyone else. The green is waaaay too saturated. It should be lighter, and more faded(less saturated).

It might also be worth doing some stippling of the off colors into the green to create scabrous patches of rust, dirt, decay, corrosion, etc. Also creating drips down the armor using your black, brown, green inks could add some subtle differentiation.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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