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Best SM tank?

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I am planing to collect an Armored Space Marine strike force, and I want three tanks, but I dont know which ones... So what is the tank in the SM armory that is most cost effective, and generally useful in every situation? What tanks should the force have? What is the best combo? And what up grades should it have? Stormbolter? Dozer Blade? I am trying to make an army that is even slightly competive, so any advices are useful...

Also, what is the best SM APC? Is it work drop podding big squads or Razorback small squads?
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which marine codex are you using? I will asume the nilla codex unless you say otherwise so here is what i think.

Rhino - The perfect ransport for a mech force. Cheap and chearful and does it's job (which is to deliver it's load) however it's rather fragile and can kill much and as a rule it will almsot never make it's points back. Personly i use it with Extra armour and then eaither unload my men or shoot from the hatch until it pops giving your mainres an "extra life".

Razorback - More Expensive than the Rhino but it can actually shoot in exchange for a smaller transport cappasity. However they get expensive quickly. they cna also only transport 6 modals so you can't transport normal tactial squads easily. Best used with Sternguard and the like.

Drop Pod - Key for the "suiside Dreadnought" tactic but otherwise has limited use as you need atleast 3 to get any proper use out of it and them you have 3 easy kill points liying around. Take it if you want a Melta Dread tho.

Dreadnought - Normaly put into 3 Catagorys; Dakka, Suiside, Bog Strandard. Dakka is normaly 2 Autocannon arms and works real well. Suiside is just as cheap as it comes with a drop pod and drops down, pops a tank and done. if it lives that a bouns. and lastly Bog Standard is normaly what most "fun" players do which is just use what ever you get in the box. Personly i would recomend the Suiside over the others.

Venrable Dreanought - a Much better Dakka dread than the normal one thanks to a higher BS and the Venerable special rule. Take one of these if you want a Dakka dread.

Ironclad Dreandougt - I love mine. Best anti-tank weapon there is and can even pop monaliths....but it's slow so make sure you put it in a pod and as many hunter killers as possible then unload your payload when you arrive and hope you live to see combat next turn.

Land Speeders - Can be in units which is a bonus but a Melta/Flamer combo kills almost everyhting and is quite cheap for what it does. A speedy melta or flamer...yes please. However you sneeze and they blow up so be carful.

Land Speeder Storm - Unless you take scouts then avoid this. If you do take scouts they are great agianst most armys and make sure you give it a Heavy flamer to negate it's poor BS(for marines)

Thunderfire Cannon - Ok it's artilary but who cares. not that great and unless your a gunline then avoid.

LandRaider - 2nd toughest tank in the game (outside Apocalypse). Hard to stop, hard hitting, Assault ramps....but man is it a point sink and massive fire magnet. Most would advise you take them in pairs or other variants.

Landraider Crussander - (See above as well) Your Terminator transport thanks to a higher transport capasity. It can also move 6" and fire EVERY weapon so can lay down more fire power. Best used agianst armys which have lots of weak troops (such as Nids and Guard)

Landraider Redeemer - (See above as well) Cheapest otu of the 3 and also bosts 2 Flame strom cannons, possibly the best template weapons in the game. MUST be given a Multi-melta. bust used agianst Horde armys. Also unlike it's cousins the Redeemer can work on it's own it needed.

Predator - Gunline armys love these and they can be rather cheap.....to start with. I adise taking them with Autocannon and x2 Lascannons and not all lascannons other wise the poitns gets insane.

Whirlwind - Not that great, best agianst horde armys but even then there are better things for anti-horde.

Vindicator - Ya. I'ts bad ass but you NEED to take them in pairs atleast. nothing can stand long agianst the "Omega Mega Cannon" (my pet name for it)

I hope that helps somewhat and i hope i got the right codex otherwise i have to go thought all this agian :threaten:
Anyway my recomendations for a Mech baced army would probbaly be 2 Rhinos(fileld with tactials), A Landraider(any kind) with Assault Terminators, a pair of vindicators and you HQ. That should be about 1000-1500 depending on what options you take and HQ.
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