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Best SM tank?

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I am planing to collect an Armored Space Marine strike force, and I want three tanks, but I dont know which ones... So what is the tank in the SM armory that is most cost effective, and generally useful in every situation? What tanks should the force have? What is the best combo? And what up grades should it have? Stormbolter? Dozer Blade? I am trying to make an army that is even slightly competive, so any advices are useful...

Also, what is the best SM APC? Is it work drop podding big squads or Razorback small squads?
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I think that whirlwinds are very underestimated. Some people deliberately play horde armies to negate those lists designed for marines. A whirlwind is cheap and rather more killy on any kind of infantry than it looks. It also launches a giant pie plate to catch more enemies.

Although I have recently had success combining it with a tank popping unit. The transport gets taken out first then the troops are clustered for that pie plate. This could work with vindis but the I prefer whirlwind since it has longer range and can fire indirectly so there is less chance of retaliation on your vehicle.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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