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Best SM tank?

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I am planing to collect an Armored Space Marine strike force, and I want three tanks, but I dont know which ones... So what is the tank in the SM armory that is most cost effective, and generally useful in every situation? What tanks should the force have? What is the best combo? And what up grades should it have? Stormbolter? Dozer Blade? I am trying to make an army that is even slightly competive, so any advices are useful...

Also, what is the best SM APC? Is it work drop podding big squads or Razorback small squads?
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I think Jaws pretty much nailed it to be honest, but Whirlwinds are better than what he says I think :p Adding on to what he said he would advise, I would say a dreadnaught (ironclad my favourite) in a drop pod.
Captain with Power Sword and artificer armour - 130
~attached to~
5-man command squad in razorback - 155

Terminator Assault Squad with TH and SH - 200

10-man tactical squad with flamer and ML in rhino - 205
10-man tactical squad with flamer and ML in rhino - 205
5-man scout squad in Land Speeder Storm - 125
5-man scout squad in Land Speeder Storm - 125

Vindicator with extra armour - 130
Vindicator with extra armour - 130
Land Raider crusader - 250

Total points - 1655

Is this the sort of list your looking for? If we get a starting point (and a point limit) it will be easier to help you mate.
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thanks for rep mate. Will help you some more later tonight (hopefully)
Also Termies are exspensive! an assault squad with chaplain can do a good number with less points. (Yes they die easier and less power weapons but Litanies of hate!) I think assault squads get under used, and if your gonna pay the points... Vanguard vets with chaplain in the land raider... thats a solid hit!
Put that in your land raider and assualt with it!
Assault squads need 10 men, or they can die pretty quickly. That's already 190 points. add the chaplain its 290 points. Already 90 points more. If you wanna upgrade that assault squad and chaplain, your looking at 300+ points, 100 points more than S10 2+ saves with 10 attacks, and only for 200 points. You can always give the terminators a chaplain.

For my part, going off Ultra's list, I dislike the standard scout, even in a landspeeder storm, even in a mechanized list. I would much rather have Sniper-Camo Scouts with Tellion. He can pick out specifically harmful models from an enemy unit (such as a melta gun, heavy weapon, or sergeant), gets 2 shots at BS 6, and if you carry a missle launcher in the unit, can assist the missle launcher to shoot a mid-armor tank if necessary. That particular squad can be the one that sits on the nearest objective in an objective-based game.
Telion is awesome, and cheap. Do exactly as space cowboy said. Put them in a storm, equip them with sniper rifles and a ML and your on your way. BUT DO NOT give them camo cloaks! So many people do this, but all the camo cloak does is give them stealth USP, but telion gives his squad this rule anyway, so it's a waste of points!
You can still have a sniper squad without telion. Same weapon loads, and in a storm.

Also I would buy the Land Raider Crusader as a dedicated transport for the Assault Terminators because it frees up a heavy slot, allowing you to buy another Vindicator (my vote for best marine tank available) depending on the point limit. In addition, I might consider Chronus in place of extra armor on one Vindicator if you have the points. He allows the template to scatter one fewer inch and ignores both Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned. It can be a huge advantage.
That's good advice. Put the land raider crusader as dedicated transport (thats what I meant to do, but I did write the list in 5 minutes, my bad) for the assault terminators. Vindicator that last slot. Chronus is good as well, but for more points. Up to you and the points limit really.
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Khan on Bike
Bike Command Squad (all with Meltaguns, Storm Shields, and mixed LClaws and THams)

3x5 Bikes with Double Melta+PFist
2x10 Tactical marines with RBack, Missiles, Melta's, Combi Melta + PFist
2 LS with MM/HF
Trip Vindicators (nude)

Counters for pretty much everything, and that command squad is hard as nails.
Only thing I'm not sure about is the razorback with the tactical squad. Sure, more fire support, but what about the lack of transport? Unless you combat squad them.

Other than that can't really comment on a bikes list because I've never used one :)
Um, this isn't true at all.
It's not a Fast vehicle, and POTMS allows it to fire one more weapon than normal, so it can fire 2 non-defensive weapons while moving up to 6".
I'll have to back winterous up there.
Ah didn't think about objectives, I don't play them often, fair point.
Since i'm fairly new to actually playing (not collecting) and so i always insist on rolling for game types as per the rulebook. Objective games always come up and what i enjoy is that it forces me to have an interesting and balanced army, which serves the fluffy side too.
We don't really roll to see what game we play, we just play what we feel like, and most of the time that's just a quick and simple annihilation match
3 Vindicators, Dreadnoughts and Mech marines not competitive?

Can I please come to live under your rock?
Haha :p

I don't really understand what you mean either 'Destroyer'
I swear by vindicators. And so far they have popped a vehicle every game i've fielded one (most recently i got weapon destroyed then everything ignored it. I then started ramming other vehicles and even popped one).

What is more of a bonus was that it was pointed out to me that they can move and fire. I was always under the impression they couldn't since it was ordnance but i was getting confused with ordnance barrage.
Can you give me a page number/reference for this please, as I was under the same assumption that you couldn't move and shoot? I wanna check it out.
But it says Telion has stealth, and on page 76 of the rulebook it says all units cover saves improved by 1? It doesn't say the model it says the unit?

And it says on demlisher cannon ordance 1,barrage, but I saw the FAQ on it and it's not a barrage weapon so I get that one now.
If I play against horders or MEQ lists, and I want high AP/S I'll take my vindicators, especially now I know they can move and shoot, which essentially increases the demolisher cannons range to 30".

If I want a more anti-infanty, and without the risk of scatter, I'll run a dakka predator. especially if I play GEQ lists.

Normally I'll run 2 Vindicators and 1 Predator in my lists, poitns depending obviously.
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