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Best SM tank?

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I am planing to collect an Armored Space Marine strike force, and I want three tanks, but I dont know which ones... So what is the tank in the SM armory that is most cost effective, and generally useful in every situation? What tanks should the force have? What is the best combo? And what up grades should it have? Stormbolter? Dozer Blade? I am trying to make an army that is even slightly competive, so any advices are useful...

Also, what is the best SM APC? Is it work drop podding big squads or Razorback small squads?
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IN no way to sound mean but the land raidercrusader can move 12 inches and fire all weapons because the hurricane bolters are considered defensive weapons since there str 4.
Um, this isn't true at all.
It's not a Fast vehicle, and POTMS allows it to fire one more weapon than normal, so it can fire 2 non-defensive weapons while moving up to 6".
Can you give me a page number/reference for this please, as I was under the same assumption that you couldn't move and shoot? I wanna check it out.
Don't need a page reference, there is nothing restricting a vehicle moving (6" for a non-fast) and firing an Ordnance weapon.
Ordnance Barrage cannot be fired as a Barrage weapon if you've moved, however.
This has come up before and it was decided that Telion does NOT confer stealth to fellow grouped scouts. Pretty sure it was in the 17 mile long scout effectiveness thread.
I can tell everyone from one glance at his entry that he does not, anyone saying it does is doing so with no basis.
But it says Telion has stealth, and on page 76 of the rulebook it says all units cover saves improved by 1? It doesn't say the model it says the unit?
Ok I'll admit that's pretty retarded, but NOT the whole unit have Stealth isn't exactly common.
Check out Gunnery Sergeant Harker, he has Stealth, but his rules specifically give his unit Stealth as well; it doesn't transfer.
Telion is a UC not an IC. He has Stealth. Stealth applies to units, not models. The USRs very definitely distinguish between 'unit' and 'model'. The terms are never used interchangeably (and they are defined up front in the rulebook). Ergo, unless there is another rule somewhere saying Stealth sometimes applies to models, then Stealth only ever applies to units.

Further, if Telion is bought and you did buy cloaks, you must buy a cloak for Telion and he would have Stealth twice. That would be meaningless, and yet there is no provision in RAW to not buy cloaks for all members of the unit. The reason for that is that Stealth applies to units, not models.

Telion is an upgrade for the unit and his Stealth, per the words actually written in the rulebook, gives the unit a cover save benefit.

The correct question to ask of nay-sayers is 'Can you point to the words in the rulebook that say that Stealth in the case of Telion applies to a model, rather than the unit per the USR?'
The fact that it says UNITS with it is a pretty obviously indicator that it was an oversight, they didn't think about a single model in a unit having it and the rest not, when writing the BRB.
When you look at Sergeant Harker, he has a rule which specifically says that he grants it to the rest of the unit; don't you think that if that's what they intended of Telion, that they would have specified?
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