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So I'll start by saying that I don't think it's very competative to run a Termie Deathstar at 2,000 points. But I had a desire to play a more "friendly" list at my FLGS...

In a perfect world, all of my opponents would run a tough as nails list and we'd be comepeting on equal footing... but unfortunatly that's not the case. For some it's cause they don't have the cash to drop down an optimized list... For others it's a matter of clue (or lack of)... Regardless, I've been looking for a break from my Wolves and wanted to change up the playstyle a little bit...

So my intent was to take a bad idea (25% of your points in ONE unit) and see if I could mitigate the suck by building some strength around it. The end goal is to have a good list, but not a great one....

So here's what I came up with....

  • Chaplain in Termie Armor (or I could take a libby... but I really like the Chaplain in termie armor model....)
  • Term Assault Squad – Thunder hammer, Sgt with LC – In a LR Redeemer with MM
  • Two basic tac squad with ML and Flamer in Razorbacks (TL las or las plas) one sgt with PW and melta bombs, one just plain (pictured below)
  • Two Rifleman Dreads
  • Three Typhoons
  • Three Preds (Autocannon and Las sponsons)
The basic plan is to shoot the hell out of stuff while my Deathstar goes forward to hit things with hammers in the name of the God Emperor of Terra… (Regular Sun Tsu tactics right there….)

My main concern is that 4 scoring units won’t be enough (tacs will combat squad) Or that they will be too easily shot away…. But I’m reluctant to add another cause it would really gimp my firepower output… Right now I feel like I’m running the bare minimum since taking the deathstar is opportunity costing me out of some other choices... But I *think* I have enough…

Got to play with it last night... Kill points w/ spearhead deployment... My opponent reserved a lot of his stuff, so I don't feel like I got a true appreciation of the strengths/weaknesses of the list... Also, I had absolutly CRAP shooting all night... Still won though 14-7 or something...

One thing that was nice, was that my opponent was having a good enough time that when the game ended on turn 5, we counted up KPs and then decided to keep going for fun...

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