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Which one is your favourite?

  • Bloodthirster

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  • Greater War Demon

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  • Krull

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Lord of Change

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Great Unclean One

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  • Nurgle Demon Prince

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  • Demon Prince

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  • Soulgrinder

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  • Plague Hulk

    Votes: 1 14.3%
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During our painting adventures we had several encounters with mighty Demons. Here we are presenting to you the greatest ones of them. Which one is your favorite? Click the photo to see the high-resolution one!

1) Bloodthirster

The fresh, new, plastic Khorne Bloodthirster from Games Workshop

2) Greater War Demon

Ultraforge model, painted to accompany the Mierce Krull.

3) Krull

Mentioned before model from Mierce Miniatures, this one is one of the most massive and imposing Demons bred for war we had the pleasure to paint.

4) Lord of Change

The big, Forge World model. Really nice one to paint, with various surfaces like wings and skin to play with different techniques – an example of our Display quality!

5) Great Unclean One

Again, the Great Demon from Forge World. Full of nasty, rotting detail. Had great pleasure (perhaps not the most appropriate word) while painting the bubonic skin.

6) Nurgle Demon Prince

Once mortal, this one was granted the daemonhood from his patron – the Lord of Files, Nurgle. Have very nice, heavy blade.

7) Demon Prince

A simple, yet fitting conversion with spine-tentacle and face plate.

8 ) Soul Grinder

Bred from the flesh and machine, the Soul Grinder was forged deep into the chasms of Warp Forge

9) Plague Hulk

This plague-spreading monstrosity is the result of the forge Demon-weaponsmiths binding the Nurgle Demon into the Soulgrinder machine.


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All lovely models, but my favorite is the Plaguehulk. The muted colo scheme and overall color palette is amazing, and I'm a big fan of the few errie green glows that are on the cannon.

A little sidenote from me: The Bloodthirster is a lovely model and I like the color theme, but I feel that the glow in the eyes really takes the model down a few notches. It went from a close contender for 1st place, to one of the bottom models with that one effect alone.

Keep up the good work as always - And thank you so much for all the video tutorials that you put out too!
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