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Berserkers vs Possessed

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I keep hearing people say that Berserkers + Plague Marines are the ultimate combo for CSM, but I've been wondering about something...

Possessed are only 5 more points each, have the same number of attacks, 1 more Strength, an inv save, have the other Marks available to them, and the special rule that makes Berserkers nice, Furious Charge, is arguably the second worst option on the Possessed Ability Table--and just in case they don't get it and you really want that Initiative bonus they'd lack, you can just give them Mark of Slaanesh.

While I understand Berserkers being troops makes them better in objective-holding games, my friends and I only rarely do that, we usually just set up and kill each other. With that in mind, Possessed actually seem like a better option for the tactical role of Berserkers. Is there something important I'm missing by thinking this?
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Really, Katie nailed it (like normal).

The only thing I'd add is the point cost. 5 points doesn't seem like much but over the course of ten models, you end up saving 50 points. Now do that for two or three squads. The point increase becomes even more unnecessary when you consider that Berzerkers do the job just as well, sometimes better (as Katie pointed out).
Without posting the stat lines next to each other, lets take a look at the two units. In fact, if you can, take a look at them while we talk this out.

At base your Possessed is going to charge with 3 S5 attacks at I4, a weapon skill of 4 meaning you'll hit on 4+ against MEQ.

At base your Berzerker is going to charge with 4 S5 attacks at I5, a weapon skill of 5 meaning you'll hit on 3+ against MEQ. He also has a pistol that he can shoot before the charge.

The Berzerker is 5 points cheaper. Clear win in my book.

Now, we come to Daemonkin. The first option is a waste of the 5 extra points you paid, the second is better, allowing the Possesed to hit on S6 their first charge, but still only with 3 attacks and no shooting before said charge. Option three, in my opinion, is another waste of space since you want them in a Rhino anyway. Four is good, but only works a 6th of the time which is terrible odds. Five is probably my favorite as it essentially makes them a S5 Termie. Six is arguably game-breaking, though again, 1 in 6 is bad odds.

Now, with two of the abilities being good, two being fair but conditional and two being fail, your odds of getting something useful when you play them are less then 50%.

Berzerkers on the other hand, deliver the same awesome consistently. And at less points.

However, while in my book, one is strictly better (Zerks) that doesn't mean it isn't fun to run Possessed at you enemies en-mass.

What do you think?
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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