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Berserkers vs Possessed

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I keep hearing people say that Berserkers + Plague Marines are the ultimate combo for CSM, but I've been wondering about something...

Possessed are only 5 more points each, have the same number of attacks, 1 more Strength, an inv save, have the other Marks available to them, and the special rule that makes Berserkers nice, Furious Charge, is arguably the second worst option on the Possessed Ability Table--and just in case they don't get it and you really want that Initiative bonus they'd lack, you can just give them Mark of Slaanesh.

While I understand Berserkers being troops makes them better in objective-holding games, my friends and I only rarely do that, we usually just set up and kill each other. With that in mind, Possessed actually seem like a better option for the tactical role of Berserkers. Is there something important I'm missing by thinking this?
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Also, Possessed do not get the option to put a power fist on a the champion, or get Krak or Melta grenades, so a Dread is going to thrash them. Added to this they only count as having 1 hand weapon, were as Bezerkers get pistols and hand weapons, giving them three attacks as standard. Using an Elites slot on Possessed starts to look a lot less reasonable when compared to the other choices you can get for the close to the same, or even less points.
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