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Benevolent Tyranids (alternate interpertation of th Hive Mind)

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"They are coming! I feel them scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many - so, so many voices. They are coming for us - flesh, body and soul!" Tyranid codex 4th ed.

This quote got me thinking. What if the Tyranids are consuming the galaxy's life with the best of intentions? If the Tyranids can consume souls (being a psychic race, it is not out of the question) perhaps the Hve Mind thinks that by making all life part of itself, it is doing sentient races a favor. It could be that the Hive Mind thinks that being part of the Hive Mind is pretty awesome and it wants to share this awesomeness with everyone. Those silly sentients who resist are just ignorant and will thank the Hive Mind later when they to are part of the Hive Mind.

The really crazy thing about this line of thinking is that when you consider what probably happens to humans who die and what definitely happens to eldar who die without a soulstone, the Hive Mind might have a point.
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I like the OP's idea. There's a certain horror waiting for the souls of the dead, and this changes the nature of the 'benevolence' of the forced conversion. It doesn't create a post-life 'Heaven', but it might be better than the alternative of what a person goes through when they die a natural death. The fact that humans keep creating new souls to feed into the pit is even more horrific. If there was some continuity for the consumed soul (instead of mere obliteration), that might even be seen as even more benevolent.

The logic is similar to why you put a pet to sleep as they fall too ill.

Further to play with within this idea is the fact that the 'nids create so few intelligent, sentient organisms (when intelligence is such a stupendously valuable tool). Each sentient organism created is at risk of being 'caught' by Chaos (even if the Shadow makes it unlikely). The Ymgarl Genestealers might be part of this tragedy.
Did the fluff suggest that the genestealers flee the Hive Mind out of fear? Or that they just sought to stay ahead of the wave?
Well, chances are they know more than the average bear, too. If they're independently sapient and don't want to rejoin the Hive Mind, that says something.

It also raises new questions about the Ymgarl
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