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Benevolent Tyranids (alternate interpertation of th Hive Mind)

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"They are coming! I feel them scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many - so, so many voices. They are coming for us - flesh, body and soul!" Tyranid codex 4th ed.

This quote got me thinking. What if the Tyranids are consuming the galaxy's life with the best of intentions? If the Tyranids can consume souls (being a psychic race, it is not out of the question) perhaps the Hve Mind thinks that by making all life part of itself, it is doing sentient races a favor. It could be that the Hive Mind thinks that being part of the Hive Mind is pretty awesome and it wants to share this awesomeness with everyone. Those silly sentients who resist are just ignorant and will thank the Hive Mind later when they to are part of the Hive Mind.

The really crazy thing about this line of thinking is that when you consider what probably happens to humans who die and what definitely happens to eldar who die without a soulstone, the Hive Mind might have a point.
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What you are suggesting is what the original emperors plan was.

The emperor came with the Imperial Truth to remove the galaxy of superstition, as like beetlejuice, saying it causes it to be real. So, stopping customs of worship through integration into the Imperial Truth, he would eventually have prevented Chaos from existing. Those who didn't comply were killed or punched in the face by Legionaries.

Some were completely eradicated

What you are suggesting is what the Emperor was doing, just without the saving humanity bit. And is turning the nids into the biomatrix.
Or is it still the emperors plan? Especially considering what the nids are drawn towards.
If that was what the Nids were drawn towards, why bother with the Great Crusade and eradicate the Xenos like the Eldar?
Perhaps it's a stop gap measure to ensure the nids have the best chance of taking over the galaxy?
That'd require a lot of exposition that just isn't present in the fluff. I can't say you're wrong, but really that is not supported in any way, really in the background.

After all, why would the Emperor not wipe out hukanity as he went along?
Maybe wiping out humanity would have the opposite effect as in it would make chaos much more powerful, or perhaps when a human dies in the shadow in the warp they don't return to the warp instead the hive mind takes control.

Perhaps the emperor is powerful enough that when the nids finally reach terra and consume it his presence would be enough to turn them from a bestial hunger into something more perhaps creating humans as a bioform and finally having a way to starve chaos of it's most potent source of power.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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