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Benevolent Tyranids (alternate interpertation of th Hive Mind)

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"They are coming! I feel them scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many - so, so many voices. They are coming for us - flesh, body and soul!" Tyranid codex 4th ed.

This quote got me thinking. What if the Tyranids are consuming the galaxy's life with the best of intentions? If the Tyranids can consume souls (being a psychic race, it is not out of the question) perhaps the Hve Mind thinks that by making all life part of itself, it is doing sentient races a favor. It could be that the Hive Mind thinks that being part of the Hive Mind is pretty awesome and it wants to share this awesomeness with everyone. Those silly sentients who resist are just ignorant and will thank the Hive Mind later when they to are part of the Hive Mind.

The really crazy thing about this line of thinking is that when you consider what probably happens to humans who die and what definitely happens to eldar who die without a soulstone, the Hive Mind might have a point.
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Ugh, this is along the line of Technological singularity, except bio-Singularity.

I'd fight against that crap too. "Benevolent" doesn't really suit something trying to force something on you.
True. But it would make them bigger good guys than the Tau.
What you just described means tyranids are Fleshy Borg.
There is a distinct difference between the Borg and the Nids and it has nothing to do with organics vs cybernetics. That difference is Daemons.

When a human dies their soul fades into the warp. Either to face total disillusionment or an eternity of torture by eldritch abominations. Though the Ecclesiarchy teaches that the Emperor keeps the souls of the righteous I am unaware of any fluff where this is emphatically confirmed from the point of view of the dead.
The fact that Hell is a real place and you are most certainly guaranteed to be going there after you die makes the Hive Mind both more attractive and more benevolent. The Hive Mind is not just collecting you for itself. It is saving you from Damnation.
This is especially true for the Eldar.
It is described as a relentless will to survive, fleeing the destruction that the Hive Fleets bring.
The fluff I have read suggests the exact opposite. Once a planet is completely overwhelmed by the nids the genestealers willingly enter the digestive pools so that their biomatter can be reabsorbed into the hive fleet.
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