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being a daemon

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we all know that daemons live in the realm of chaos but some slip out at times and apear on some random planet and generally try to kill whatever is on the planet. My question is what it is like to be a daemon do they feel emotions, pain, can they think or are they controlled by thier respective gods?
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Actually Dp's seem to be independent from their host's power, at least by comparison to regular demon's. In fact multiple DP's have angered their patron or refused to do their will, and where punished in some way (Hence they can't simple be reabsorbed). Even GD seem to have some level of independence from their creators, since some of their number have acted to serve their own ends over their patron.
I don't view heralds as lesser deamons as such, as I don't view daemons ever getting promoted. The heralds are created as heralds, and therefore are imbued with differing mental abilities than a standard lesser daemon, including more sentience.

The mental capacity of a bloodletter is around kill, kill kill, skulltaker is around who to kill, and how best to kill them.
This is not exclusively true, and your example contradicts your own words; Skulltaker began his existence as a Bloodletter. The status he holds today is reward for his success and dedication. So I maintain that there is no set level for any class of daemon. Like us, it would depend on the individual`s strength of will and purpose.

Have you read the daemon codex?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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