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being a daemon

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we all know that daemons live in the realm of chaos but some slip out at times and apear on some random planet and generally try to kill whatever is on the planet. My question is what it is like to be a daemon do they feel emotions, pain, can they think or are they controlled by thier respective gods?
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I'm not sure how Chaos Undivided Daemon Princes work- is it each God imbuing the individual with a portion of their power? Sorry I know I'm supposed to be a fluff 'ead but I don't know :(
The theory holds that the chaos gods divided the individual into four parts. For example, blessings of Khorne will only be imbued on you upper right torso, and so forth divided. So if you displeased tzeetch, he would remove the blessings on your left side torso. Thats how it works... as so far as described by heretical texts.
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