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being a daemon

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we all know that daemons live in the realm of chaos but some slip out at times and apear on some random planet and generally try to kill whatever is on the planet. My question is what it is like to be a daemon do they feel emotions, pain, can they think or are they controlled by thier respective gods?
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The theory holds that the chaos gods divided the individual into four parts. For example, blessings of Khorne will only be imbued on you upper right torso, and so forth divided. So if you displeased tzeetch, he would remove the blessings on your left side torso. Thats how it works... as so far as described by heretical texts.
Isn`t it also possible that said daemon prince gained ascendancy with the aid of a minor chaos power?

The chaos gods have punished daemon princes before, look at Be'lakor in fantasy, That would suggest that daemon princes at least are still fully intelligent and sentient but if they stop pulling the line the wrath of the gods descends.

As far as lesser daemons, does it not vary on the god they serve? I really can't imagine a bloodletter having anywhere near as much sentience as a Horror. But it written that all lesser daemons are rather dim, that why the blue scribees go around collecting shards of the crystal staff rather than a LoC, as tzeentch feared that the Loc would try to overthrow him. The higher ranking the daemon the more sentience and free will its given
Not necessarily. A LoC is naturally more powerful, it knows authority and would not overlook the chance to gain more. Blue horrors are described as argumentive and spiteful, but the scribes obviously have the wit to see the task through. Bear in mind, Heralds themselves ARE lesser daemons technically. Would you consider Skulltaker or Epidemius to be dim?
A focused mindset does not mean that they cannot think.
I don't view heralds as lesser deamons as such, as I don't view daemons ever getting promoted. The heralds are created as heralds, and therefore are imbued with differing mental abilities than a standard lesser daemon, including more sentience.

The mental capacity of a bloodletter is around kill, kill kill, skulltaker is around who to kill, and how best to kill them.
This is not exclusively true, and your example contradicts your own words; Skulltaker began his existence as a Bloodletter. The status he holds today is reward for his success and dedication. So I maintain that there is no set level for any class of daemon. Like us, it would depend on the individual`s strength of will and purpose.

Have you read the daemon codex?
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