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Hello all!
my friend and I were starting back up with 40k after a 2 year break, and things are definitely different from where we left off! He is going with Tau, and I thought I might give Dark Eldar a shot (mostly because I have a ton of ass ugly 3rd edition models I thought Id get some use out of haha).
A question comes about because we were starting at low points, 500 to start, and he was going to use the "start collecting" Tau box, while Dark Eldar don't have one of those. I was using Battle Scribe to see what I could come up with that was comparable, but wouldn't get shot off the map in one turn!
So far it looks like using an Unbound list:
Archon, agonizer, splinter pistol, shadow field
10x Kabalite Warriors, splinter cannon
3x Reavers, blaster
Talos, CCW, twin linked splinter cannon

The Tau list he has is 500pts, while this list is only 426pts. His army consists of an Ethereal, 10 or 12 Breachers, 3 Crisis Suits, and a TON of drones. I don't want to play something unfair...(despite that being the DE way..lol) I do however, not want to get totally hosed by pulse fire. Is there a better way to start? I was trying to pick "basic" units that I think would show up in a box set. I know there's a lack of Raiders, but since he didn't have the option for transports, I would forego as well.

I appreciate any thoughts!
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