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Hey im new to Dark Eldar aswell just played my second game yesterday.

So from my very very limited experience, and tons and tons of research done. I think you should def take the transport for the warriors. The DE transports are the furthest thing from unfair and believe me the Tau are really able to kill any kind of dark eldar transport with ease. Every single tau gun is a certified anti tank weapon against DE.

Do NOT feel pity, not because it's the Dark Eldar way, but because this is survival 101 for DE. The rest of your list looks fine to me. I'd say add 2 venoms and split the kabalite units up to fit them. Or add a raider. The talos hasn't done a single thing for me yet, i have no reavers but i have used the archons and warriors to good effect against Tau and i strongly believe you NEED the transport
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