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As a note, you cannot take more than 1 dracon in a warrior unit. heìs just a champion, so 1 per unit unless clarly stated.

Then.. the list.
Court Of The Archon-85pt
Dedicated Transport
1x Venom-splinter cannon-65pt
This unit is badly built: you mix into a big 420 pts mashed potato mild cc capability, low range capability (useless if moving too fast with the venom) and mild anti infantry capability... way too many points to be wasted that way. If you want a melee unit, remove the haemonculus and put a succubus with glaive in, then switch the medusae for another sslyth. Drazhar, the succubus and 3 sslyts are going to cause severe damage in any unit they hit.
Also, drazhar is way overcosted for what it does, but i can understand since fluffwise he's so badass!

8x Kabalite Warriors-2x Dracon-2x blast pistol-136pt
8x Kabalite Warriors-2x Dracon-2x blast pistol-136pt
10x Wyches-100pt
10x Wyches-100pt
apart from the dual dracon issue, i've never found useful to get a blast pistol instead of a blaster.
Then..are those units going to be...without transport!? This is madness, this is heresy!! :)
i totally approve the witches and would add them a champion with haywire granades (30 pts), then give both units a raider with disintegrator (100 pts IIRC). A unit of warrior is gone to get those points, while the second one is morphed this way:
5 warriors, blaster, venom, dual cannon (135 pts IIRC): faster, better antitank, more shooting.

Fast Attack-290pt
5x Reavers-1x Blaster-90pt
1x Razorwing Jet-2x shatterfield Missle-140pt
1x Razorwing Jet-2x shatterfield Missle-140pt
i've foundthe beastmaster unit to be quite meh, but if you like them, go with them! 60 pts can't be so bad for such a nasty melee unit. They can support nicely the Hq melee unit i said before.

If you take reavers, always take multiples of 3 to maximise number of specials. I don't know what do you expect from this unit, so i'd say take 2 units of 3 with blaster. (how to get the point i'll say later)

Razorwings are ok, i just don't like to buy fancy missiles, but it's up to you :)

4x Incubi-80pt
4x Incubi-80pt
4x Mandrakes-1x Nightfiend-70pt
4x Mandrakes-1x Nightfiend-70pt
Incubi on foot will never reach melee and will just be an easy target.
The nightfiend is just a waste of points that don't add nothing to the unit.
I'd say, get 2 units of 3 mandrakes to harass the enemy and cause some panic by grabbing objectives. Drop one unit of Incubi. Now you have enough points to get the above mentioned second unit of reavers and a venom for the remaining unit of incubi.
on a venom they will advance fast and when they get to swing swords, the venom will still be painful to enemy infantry.

Heavy support-500pt
1x VoidRaven Bomber-4x shatterfield-200pt
1x VoidRaven Bomber-4x shatterfield-200pt
1x Cronos-100
a cronos alone is not going anywhere. If you need an "anchor" for your backfield, switch to a talos, plain and simple. But i'd just ditch it.
Also...voidraven. i don't like them. frail, not so hard hitting, way overcosted. i'd drop them too. Replace with 2 Raiders with lances.
Remaining point should be used to get 2 units of scorges with haywire blasters, imo, since you somewhat lack antitank capability.
Of course i'm considering you use the special formation in the book, the one with 6 fast attacks ant the first turn cover shenaningan (you didn't really cared about "objective secured", uh?)
I think you should have some more points...maybe some backfield warrior units with blaster / venom cannon? meh. Maybe add bodies to the reavers...better, i think.

That's my take at it!
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