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I am looking for Dark elves of any description or Vampires of any description, cash is also welcome, just tell me what your after and we can work out a price.


Dwarf Armybook

The bits required to make one dwarf organ gun and either a cannon or another dwarf organ gun

10 thunderers with full command

10 quarellers

1 Daemon slayer (crappily painted, but easily primered over or stripped)

1 BFSP Thane

20 warriors with sheilds and full command

23 warriors with great weapons and full command

2 ironbreakers

4 hammerers and musician

Warriors of Chaos

WoC Army book sold

1 chaos knight, Needs a basesold

Nurgle sorcerer, unpaintedsold

One chaos warrior with ADHW partly paintedsold

7 chaos hounds, two need bases

17 marauders 9 armed with flails, full command group


Two Bray Shaman partly painted

24 gors (About an even split between ADHW, and and HWS)

23 Ungors all with shields

3 gor standards, 2 Gor musicians

Wood Elves:

Wood Elves armybook

4 Glade riders

6 Glade guard
1 highborn, moderatly well painted


4 knights, assembled as knights of the white wolf
1 Captain/ General, mounted with lance and shield
1 converted captain/Sorcer mounted
5 flagellants
3 militia

Orcs and Goblins: ALL SOLD

Orcs and Goblins Armybook

Two units of 20 night goblins, with spear and shield, full command
20 spider riders one command group
One warboss on wyvern, mostly assembled, moderatly painted
20 black orcs, full command
16 orc boys armed with ADHW
1 night goblin big boss (BFSP)

As said above, Im looking for Dark elves or Vampire counts, throw me an offer if you want to buy, and we will see what we can work out
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