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1) You're right the Ghorgon is basically 2 Minos with one body (which is really cool btw). The jabberslythe is an amazing choice for a mobile army like yours. And it is a very powerful creature that can quickly destroy enemy artillery. (which is a constant pain in the side)
2) With the army type your experimenting with I would definitely go with Kazrak, with his bestial cunning, scourge, and dark mail (which gives him a 2+ armor and negates the effects of magic weapons)... Amazing! Also you can bring a lv 3 bray shaman with up to 30 pts of upgrades.
3) there are times when slugtounge does amazing with his curse, but other times... Not so much. But, I strongly suggest to bring along a Wargor BSB. Those leadership tests will kill you without this. LoB is a good idea for a lv 3 I was talking about earlier.
4) the pig chariots have more survivability but you could bring more pigs, you'll have to do this one yourself
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