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First note that I'm not a beastmen expert, not even close, but here are my thoughts:
Harpies, they aren't great, but if you want them you can take some, but when having a jabber and with ambushers I wouldn't bother too much with them.

1. About the big beasties, either ghorghon(pure killing machine and my favorite) or the jabber who is fast and also somewhat hitty, great against warmachines as long as he doesn't get a cannonball for breakfast.
2.Kazrhak, is plain awesome especially if you're gonna use a lot of ambushing units.
3.Slugtongue, can do really well, but can suck too, but most times he rocks, keep him, if you take another shaman, choose your lore wisely, wildform from beasts is nice, s4 t5, that rocks, but the rest of the lore is meh and shadow is great for debuffing, you have to choose yourself what you like most.
4.this is up to yourself, choose what you like best a great group of several piggies all as an apart unit can swarm an flank, all smashing in and flanking unit, a few piggies in the front, some piggies in the side and you smash him away :p , also don't forget the tuskgors, 75 pts for a chariot is great, they're the second thing I like most about beastmen.

Good luck with the beasts, and nice idea of taking ambush in the extreme, most people don't ambush much, while it's the thing I like most about them
1 - 1 of 4 Posts