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Minos have a decent I. I believe it's 4.
Never the less, the IMPACT hits will shake enough wounds out to make it worth it....the impact hits become even more potent vs low T armies.
Ie: high elves.
Impact hits are really a big part of the beastman arsenal. and the more I look at minotaurs, the more I like them...especially if we can keep that 4 ward from the talisman on them .
(insert maniacal laughter)
if a 4 wide unit of minotaurs (one being doombull/gorebull) can get off a flank charge, that's 4-6 impact hits right there (d3 on doombull/gorebull). That alone at str 5-6 will knock the wind out of some armies. If even half that wound, that's going to help a TON with combat resolution and break the unit....hopefully. Then the gors can run them down...not the hungry hungry hippos...i mean minos

side note: while i understand the absurdly overpowered "ASF/ reroll " crud the High elves get, it's the ASF on GW that is just complete bulls**t to me.
I have no idea how that's going on and this is the reason that I detest the elves.
"oh hey don't mind us, we're just better than you!"

If I know I'm facing elves, I will not play friendly. I will go to smash their immortal teeth into the curb and make a necklace out of them.
Is this good enough?

No, its not good enough- massive overuse of smilies is just irritating, please dont do it... more then 2-3 in a row is pretty iffy, 30+ is just plain unacceptable.
- T/S
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