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I had an Apocalypse battle today. 3rd person in Adelaide to do so. :D.
Team battle. 5k pts aside. I had 2500 of Marines allied with Nids vs 5k Marines (3 people).

I lost by a minor victory. Held 4 objectives against 5 (3 were contested).

My 4 Dreadnoughts got so uch crap smacked into them it's not funny. So many 6s on penetratings I was rolling on the floor laughing at how much my venerables saved me. I lost 2 at the end of turn 5.
We both sucked half the building up with a a vortex grenade each (all filled with the enemies squads of course) and cleared some room. It was a bloody battle which I lost but had loads of fun.

Can't wait till Apocalypse oficcialy comes out so I can play it again and again and again.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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