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Here is a battle report I made up a while back in conjunction with the Homebrew Scenario "Sieze the Relic".

Hope you enjoy it! Please leave some feedback as well. :eek:k:

Note: The rules for this game can be found here.

Unfortunatly the only graphic design program I had at my desposal was Microsoft Paint, so I appologise for the crude pictures that follow. For this battle , myself and a mysterious player known only by his alias 'Red Gunner' decided to play the scenario 'Seize the Relic' which I designed.

I was playing as the valient and noble forces of the God-Emperors Most Holy Navy, and Red Gunner had turned to the hideous and foul Ruinous Powers of Chaos. The fleet lists are as follows:

Amoeba Bait (Imperial Navy)

Fleet Admiral
2 Lunars
4 Swords

TOTAL: 1000pts

Red Gunner (Chaos)

Repulsive (with targeting upgrade)
6 Iconoclausts

TOTAL: 1000pts

Delpyoyment is as follows:

I won the roll of and decided to take second turn and the game began.

The Relic Ship failed top move outside of the warp rift and and Asteroid field appeared out of the rift and geaded straight towards my fleet!
The Repulsive tried to AAF, but failed, so the rest of the chaos fleet advanced foward in their battle line. With only a few bombers and assaullt boats being launched, it was time for my turn.

I rolled a 6 on the Phenomena table, indicating a Jumping Warp Rift, which moved towards my table edge, but thankfuly destroying an asteroid.
My fleet moved forward, towards the Relic Ship, while the Swords flanked around the back of the Warp Rift.
An acurate shot from the Mars' nova cannon obliterated an Iconoclaust and the 2 Lunars unleashed their torpedoes in order to split up the chaos fleet.
The Mars also launched some fighters and bombers.

The Relic Ship changed its cource and no new phenomena was rolled, so it was was straight onto Red Gunners turn.
The Iconoclausts fled from the incoming torpedoes whilst the Acheron managed to come into contact with the Relic Ship. The Styx re-loaded ordnence. A few shots went out here and there, but no damage was done to my fleet.
In the ordnance phase, a wave of bombers and assault boats hit the Gothic. The bombers caused 2 hits and knocked out the Gothics torpedoes. The assalut boats then attacked, leaving the Gothic with only its port lances intact.
In the end phase, Red Gunner scored a Search Dice for Chaos, and I repaired the starboard lances on the Gothic

In my turn, the Relic Ship unfortunatly remained stationary, and a meteor was thrown out of the Warp Rift towards my fleet again. How much was Red Gunner paying this thing?
Luckily the Lunar succesfuly navigated around the meteor and both Lunars reloaded their Torpedoes.
My shooting was abysmal, as after 3 ships fired upon the Styx, only 1 point of damage was done.
My ordnance faired better, with my torpedoes causing 2 points of damage on the Styx.
In the end phase the Acheron gained another Search Dice. Things werent looking good for the Imperium.

Turn 3:
The Relic Ship remains statiopnary AGAIN to my dismay, whilst some asteroids finaly emerge and move towards Red Gunners ships for a change.
The Acheron tried to Burn Retros in order to stay in contact with the Relic Ship and succeded. The Repulsive navigated through the asteroids.
The styx launched a wave of 6 bombers at point blank range of my Lunar.
The Chaos fleet fired upon my Sword squadron, but only managed to destroy 2 thanks to my BFI rolls.
Even though 10 attacks were made from the bombers on one of my Lunars, only 1 point of damage was caused. Luckily for Red Gunner, that hit was a critical, damaging it engine room.
In the end phase a 3rd Search Dice was gained for the forces of Chaos.

In my turn the Relic Ship finaly moved away, placing some blast markers between it and the greedy Acheron, While one of the asteroid fields was knid enough to block line of sight to the Relic Ship, meaning my fleet could advance towards it and have a bit of temporay cover. due to the many special orders my fleet was on, no hits were scored this shooting phase.

The Relic Ship had a drastic change of course, moving away from both of the fleets and a gas cloud materialised on the table.
Red Gunners fleet speared around to try and catch the Relic Ship, which was directly behind him. The Relic hungry Acheron attempted to CTNH, but it failed. Red Gunner used his free (and only) re-roll, but failed again.
In the Chaos shooting phase, the Iconoclausts had a total of 8 dice to attack the Mars, but only managed to hit its shields once. The Styx was more effective however, crippling one of my Lunars. Thanks to its upgraded lance range, the Repulsive was able to cause a point of damage on the Mars.

In my turn, the Relic Ship slowly drifted forward and the Mars tried to AAF to keep up with it. It failed the Leadership test and the subsiquent Fleet Admirals re-roll. The frest of the fleet reeled around to bring their guns to bear on the pesky Iconoclausts. After a flurry of dice rolling, three of the Chaos Escorts bit the proverbial Space dust.

After enjoying a frosty beverage and feeding the dog, the game resumed with Red Gunner taking his second last turn.
The Relic Ship rolled a change of course (although the scatter dice had different ideas) and continued along its original path. The Warp Rift closed and re-opened again to block off both escort squadrons.
The Chaos fleet was still turning to face the Relic Ship and the Styx reloaded ordnance.
The Styx then launched a combined wave of bombers and assault boats against one of my Lunars. The bombers caused 2 hits and the assault boats took out it Starboard weaponry.
In the end phase, a teleport attack caused a dorsal critical againts the Lunar, with none of them being repaired.

IN my turn, the Relic Ship continued to drift away, but it was unable to outrun my Mars, who finaly came into conatct with it for the first time in the game.
The Gothic (who had since repaired it prow weapons), launched a salvo of torpedoes at point blank range of the Iconoclausts, but my plans were thwarted when they were prematurly detonated by moving through a blast marker.
In the end phase, the Imperium scored their 1st Search Dice, making the score 3-1 in Chaos' favour. There was only 1 turn left and the next two moves of the Relic Ship will seal victory for 1 side.

The final turn of the game. Red Gunner rolled the dice for the Relic Ship and........................a 2. Stationary!!! After a few laps of the house cheering the game could continue. The Imperium was still in the fight! The asteroid field moved dangerously close to the Mars, but caused no damage.
In the Chaos movement phase, the final Iconoclaust suicidaly boarded the Lunar.The Repulsive attemted to board the Relic Ship but fell short by 3cm!
The shooting phase was over quicky, as no enough fire power was able to tareget anything due to all the boarding going on.
The suicidal Iconoclaust was destroyed in the boarding action and I gained a Search Dice.

The final player turn............the Relic Ship slowly drifted forward and the Mars attempted to Burn Retros in order to board it, which succeded. One of the Lunars, who was unable to turn also attempted to burn retros, but failed and was forced to disegage by moving off the table. The other Lunar attempted to navigate around a meteor, but failed. luckily its shields absorbed the blow.
The shooting phase was again breif, and another search dice was added to the Imperial pool.

The game had ended and it was time to see who was the Victor. The Search Dice pools were as follows:

Both sets of dice were rolled secretly and added up.
Red Gunner had rolled a 4,5 and a 6 for a total of 15
I rolled a 5,5 and........................a 6 for a total of 16!!! The Imperium had prevailed by a mere 1 point!!!
A highly enjoyable game and also a tense one!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this report.
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