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Pics and full report here: http://www.thediceabide.com/2015/01/warmahordes-battle-report-skorne-vs-cygnar-50-pts/

Time for our first Warmachine/Hordes battle report of 2015 and we're kicking it off with Alex's Skorne versus Ben's Cygnar.

Alex’s list:

Rasheth (Chain Gang – Tier 4)
Bronzeback Titan
Titan Sentry
Titan Gladiator
Titan Gladiator
Min. Beast Handlers
Max. Gatorman Posse
Min. Bog Trog Ambushers
Min. Farrow Bone Grinders
Paingiver Task Master (utilizing Mortithurgy-powered, thermo-opitc camouflage in the pic below)

Ben’s list:

Max. Long Gunners
Aiyanna & Holt
Journeyman Warcaster
Squire (yes, not fully painted…)
The Piper of Ord

Deployment: Alex won the roll off and opted to go first, with Ben choosing the side of the board with the hill. From the top down, Alex deployed: Bone Grinders, Gladiator, Beast Handlers (one behind each Titan), Agonizer, Sentry, Rasheth, Agonizer, Bronzeback, Gladiator, Gatormen and the Task Master, with the Bog Trogs Ambushers, believe it or not, ambushing. From top to bottom, Ben deployed: Long Gunners, AD’d Rangers, Styker, Squire, Stormwall, Aiyanna & Holt, Lancer, Journeyman, Stormblades and the Piper.

The scenario for this game was Outflank which, though we used the recently released SR2015, hadn’t changed in the slightest. Starting on the second player’s second turn, 1 control point can be scored for controlling a zone, 2 for dominating a zone and both zones can be scored simultaneously. The terrain is all fairly obvious, consisting of an obstacle (the house), a hill, a patch of rough terrain (the crater), two linear obstacles (the walls) and a forest. Due to Alex playing Rasheth’s theme force to tier 4 he gained an additional 2″ of deployment zone, his Gatormen gained +2 SPD turn 1, his Agonizers began with 3 fury each and the point cost of each his Titans was reduced by 1.

Pics and full report here: http://www.thediceabide.com/2015/01/warmahordes-battle-report-skorne-vs-cygnar-50-pts/
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