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40k Battle Report: 1350pts Warriors of Ultramar vs Necrons

Here is a battle report from a 1350pt ‘friendly’ me and the son of an old friend had when practising for a tournament we are both competing in. I have the Warriors of Ultramar, the opponent had necrons. This is my first battle report so bear with me with some of the specifics. I will include some photos in future reports.

Necrons Army list
HQ: Overlord with Mindshackle Scarabs, Resurrection orb & Phase shifter (Warlord)
Troop: 10x Warriors Attached with Necron Lord (res. Orb)
Troop: 10x Warriors Attached with Necron Overlord (See above)
Troop: 10x Warriors Attached with Cryptek)
Troop: 10x Warriors with Necron Lord (res. Orb) (inside Night Scythe)
Royal Court: Cryptek (not attached)
Hq: Destroyer Lord
Heavy: Annihilation Barge x 3
Ded. Transport: Night Scythe

The Warriors of Ultramar army list
Hq: Level 2 Librarian
Troop: 10-man tactical squad with Plasma gun and Missile Launcher. Vet. Sgt with P. Sword (inside Rhino)
Troop: 10-man tactical squad with Plasma gun and Missile Launcher. Vet. Sgt with P. Sword (inside Rhino)
F.Attack: 3x Land speeder: 3x Assault Cannons, 3x Heavy bolter
F.Attack: 10-man Assault Squad. Sgt with lightning claw and melta bombs
F.Attack: Stormtalon Gunship with Skyhammer missile launchers
Heavy support: 5-man Devastator squad. 2x Lascannon, 2x Missile Launcher
Heavy Support: Techmarine with Thunderfire Cannon

The mission for the game was Big Guns Never Tire, with 6 objectives present on the board. The deployment was Dawn of War.
The objectives were placed as follows: One in ruins in the necrons’ side of the board in the middle, one in the ruins to the marines right hand side of the board, one at the outpost to the right, one next to the bastion to the far right, one in the centre of the board between the outpost, and finally one in the marines side of the board in the middle. Each

The board
There was a main outpost in the center of the board, consisting of two towers with a connecting bridge between the two. Some ruins both in front and behind the outpost. There was also a bastion in the top right corner with an Icarus Lascannon on top- a great defensive position

We rolled for deployment, with the marines winning the roll. We also rolled for board side deployment, which I failed. The marines decided to deploy opposite the bastion with the majority of cover.

Marines deployment:
Librarian and 1st squad deployed inside ruins to gain a cover save. Librarian deployed behind the rhino for additional cover.
Thunderfire cannon deployed on game line behind other ruins to south of board.
Second troops in rhino deployed near objective marker in centre of board.
Asault squad and Stormtalon gunship deployed in reserves, looking to deep strike turn 2
Devastators deployed inside ruins to the West to cover right flank, alongside three land speeders on the game line
The techmarine also used bolster defenses to reinforce the ruins with the librarian/rhino and tactical squad hiding within them from a 4+ cover save to a 3+.

I knew I was going to have trouble with the deployment and the lack of elevated cover on my side of the board.. I tried to give my opponent something to think about when deploying his troops. I was hoping he would send his two barges down the flanks, into my devastators and thunderfire cannon (hoping to wreck it before it can do some serious damage). Knowing where the objectives were place would also prove to be a definite issue to overcome.

Necron Deployment:
The Overlord and troop squad attached deployed just outside the ruins in the top right corner. Next to them he deployed one of his annihilation barges alongside them on the right flank.
Another two troops were deployed on the left flank ready to move to outflank my troops. To the right hand side the destroyer Lord, another troop choice (with a necron lord in tow) and a lone cryptek in some marshes on the northwest side of the board. He held a troop and the night scythe in reserve. The final annihilation barge covered the central approach
This was a ‘cover all targets’ deployment. After the game had finished my opponent said he was hoping to lay down a few ‘kill boxes’ in order to force me to push my troops towards his destroyer lord, therefore flanking me and attacking from my game line.

Marines Turn 1
The necron player failed to seize the initiative so was the Space marines first turn. The rhinos popped smoke launchers and deployed the troops into cover. The librarian joined the one troop squad and stayed still. The land speeders moved up a few inches towards the oncoming destroyer lord and necron warriors.
In the psychic phase no powers were passed so moved onto shooting…
…And what a turn of shooitng it was! Firstly the land speeders managed to take fully half the troops to the northwest of the board, forcing a leadership test. The squad failed their morale check and fell back off the board! First Blood to the Marines!
Devastators failed to kill off the destroyer lord, but did manage to take 1 wound from it.
The thunderfire cannon fared pretty badly, only managing to take out one warrior from the Overlord’s escorting troops. The snap fired missile launchers did pretty much nothing to anything else.
I was glad to get first blood in such a fashion, I nearly managed to blunt his flanking assault on the left hand side, but with the destroyer lord still alive, the next round may prove painful!
Necron Turn 1
The warriors managed to move up a few inches, with a squad in the middle moving through cover to take an objective.
The destroyer lord moved forward (it knows only hatred!) to get a bit closer to the land speeder squadron. The annihilation barges moved forward to get a better angle on the two rhinos in range.
In the shooting phase, the tesla weaponry really paid off. The central rhino was wrecked after conceding 4 wounds (no explodes! Result thankfully) and forcing the marines to take cover behind it. The right rhino was also wrecked through concentrated fire from the annihilation barge. No other units were taken out thankfully in this phase.
Assaulting was where it got nasty! The destroyer decided to teach the land speeders a lesson, killing two of them outright, and taking a wound from the third (via an explodes! Result from the second). As the land speeder is a vehicle it was not locked in combat. No other assaults took place. The lone cryptek in the marshes stayed where he was, hoping to live on another few turns.
This could have gone better for my opponent. If only he could have taken out that last land speeder! Now that the left flank defences were blunted (somewhat) he can now concentrate on moving his forces forward.
Marines Turn 2
The stormtalon failed to come in this turn, but the assault squad managed to arrive, deep-striking deep into the opponents back line. Unfortunately they landed in cover, with one marine failing his dangerous terrain test and armour save. Lets hope those flamers come in handy!
The land speeder moved back towards it own line, hoping to get a line on the cryptek in cover. The space marine squads both moved up, covered by the wrecked rhinos, hoping not to get cut down in the necron’s following turn.
In shooting, the devastators paid off. They managed to take out the destroyer lord! Thank god I placed them with direct line of sight. The land speeder then went hunting for the cryptek in the bushes, It managed to knock him down, but the little blight reanimated. The plasma gun in the central squad of marines fired at the annihilation barge (just in range), but died through tis gets hot! Result. The same thing happened with the second squad. Bad times!. The assault squad fared little better, managing not to kill a single necron.

No assaults this turn
This may end badly for the assault squads. Really could have done with my stormtalon coming in. The thunderfire cannon did very little, but I am glad I took out the destroyer lord. Now I can focus taking out those annihilation barges to help take those objectives.
Necron turn 2
Most of the squads moved to their closes opponents. The warriors on the right moved back to get within touching distance of the assault squad. The central warriors moved little to maintain capturing the objective. The annihilation barges moved to get a better line on the tactical squads. Shooting led to a couple of space marines losing their battle with the annihilation barges. The lone cryptek made a running move to avoid being gunned down by the lone land speeder.
In assault, the right hand necron troop squad, with the Overlord, declared their charge into the assault marines. The overlord declared a charge, which the Seargent accepted. The result was most of the assault squad being torn apart, and failing a morale check, falling back 9 inches.
This is a bad move by the Assault squad. Not only have they sacrificed an entire squad for little/no gain, but now the barges can focus fire on the only units able to contest objectives. This may go the way of the Ever-living. We shall see…

Marines turn 3
Finally, the stromtalon enters the fray!. The flyer moves up the right side, focussing fire on the annihilation barge on the right hand side (being the primary threat) The troops and devastators in the left hand side of the board reorganise their troops to make the most of what little cover there is, with the land speeder focussing its vengeance on the lone cryptek (he must die!)
The librarian and the squad on the right hand side into cover to make the most of the cover save (just in case)
In shooting the Thunderfire cannon proved its usefulness to full extent, taking out the majority of the right hand warrior squad in four blasts. The ensuring leadership test passed, but three warriors stayed down after the dust had settled and reanimation had ended. The annihilation barges managed to survive the stormtalon’s attack, escaping with full wounds. All attacks from devastators and tactical squads led to only one wound being taken by the central barge. However, both plasma gunner died in the progress. The land speeder managed to knock down the lone cryptek with the full contents of its weapon batteries, but miraculously it got back up!
The lone assault unit moved towards the marines’ line, hoping to stay out of LoS of the warriors.
This was a pretty lacklustre round, leading to only a few kills, but there is still plenty to play for. Lets see if the long range capability of the marines can overcome the number arrayed against them.
Necrons Turn 3
…and the night scythe comes on, disgorging its warrior squad in the marines’ defensive cordon. After some movement, the remaining troops and vehicles did very little in terms of manouvering. The lone cryptek got back up, and ran like hell towards the centre of the board.
In shooting the lone assault marine bit the dust with massed tesla fire (overkill much?) The annihilation barges also fired on the lone troop squads, killing one per squad. The necron forces towards the marines’ side of the board unloaded its munitions into the squad on the right, killing one lone marine. However, manouvering in that way has left them defenceless against the thunderfire cannon, and the missile launcher attached to the second tactical squad.
No assaults were made.

Bad move in all fairness. The flyer did very little, the warrior squad did not inflict many casualties in the marines defensive line, and the land speeder and devastator squads still survive. At least the lone assaulting marine is now with his dead kin
Marines turn 4
Firstly the marines move back, just outside charge range in order to take on the warriors in their side of the board. The second tactical squad turn, with the missile launcher in LoS of their necron lord. The thunderfire cannon has LoS on the same warrior squad. The land speeder moves up 12” to get a decent line on the cdryptek, but try to stay in cover as much as possible. The devastators stay out, taking aim at the annihilation barge in the open. The stormtalon moves up, so that the night scythe is in view, ready for some dogfighting!
The stormtalon decided to unload into the night scythe, forcing to move off the board in a locked velocity movement. The necron warrior squad up front was put to the sword, leaving the lone necron lord and a single warrior to flee 11 inches! Better still, massed firepower from the thunderfire cannon forced a leadership test on the necron overlord and his tribune. They needed 10, and rolled 11! Courtesy of a nine inch fall back movement, and the whole unit, including the overlord, flee the battlefield. Excellent news for the marines, who now have slay the warlord (in not so glorious fashion). The annihilation barge was hardly scratched (they just will not die!) However, the lone cryptek was finally slain by the single land speeder. However, in LoS is the second annihilation barge.
No assaults were made this turn
This could end badly for the speeder. I was hoping to stay in cover for the next necron turn, but boosted too far, now the barge will take vengeance on it. The night scythe is out of the picture for a turn (thankfully), and the warlord is down! The remaining troops are looking dangerously thin, so the next turn will determine just which objectives will be taken. At present, the score is 2-0 to the marines (Slay the warlord & First Blood)

Necrons turn 4
The troop unit and the lord managed to fail their regroup move (how?) and fall back, straight onto an objective. The annihilation barges aim at the troop squad to the right and the lone land speeder trying to gain line breaker. As everything else was either out of LoS or range, the remaining necron forces secured objectives.
In shooting, the last land speeder was blown up from a tesla destructor shot. The marines to the right lost another squad mate, with the stormtalon losing a hull point to snap shooting gauss weapons from the last full warrior squad.
This is a turn of consolidation. That last land speeder was a thorn in the side, which was gratefully taken out. The devastators are still deadly opponents for the central annihilation barge, but the stormtalon may go down fighting the next turn. This battle will go down to which forces hold which objectives.
Marines turn 5
It is all or nothing now. Now that night fighting was in effect, trying to kill the enemy was going to be much tougher. That last shot at the stormtalon has made it vulnerable to the annihilation barge, even if it is snap firing. The right tactical squad move up towards the objective in the outpost, having only two men within range of capturing the objective. They are however, in range of the lone warrior and the necron lord. The librarian moves up with the same squad, hoping to inflict some damage on the lord from afar. The devastators take aim at the annihilation barge in the centre, with the central marine squad gathering around the objective in their central half of the board, hoping not to be taken out by either the barge or incoming night scythe.

In shooting the tactical squad and librarian to the right throw everything they have at the warrior and necron lord… and do nothing! The devastators proved better than useless, taking one wound from the annihilation barge in the centre of the board. However the stormtalon managed to take out the tesla destructor on the right annihilation barge (woo!) The thunderfire cannon managed to take out some warriors on the upper central objective, but passed their leadership test for losing 4 troops. As everything was out of range there were no assaults made this turn.
This could have gone better. If only I was able to kill off that last necron lord and warrior. They will no doubt consolidate around their objectives now, which I count as having one more than me. I hope that it goes to turn 6
Necron turn 5
The remaining forces consolidate around the objectives, with the annihilation barge turning to face the stormtalon. The night scythe comes on, tracing a line towards the devastators for their perfidy. Unfortunately it was not in range to get linebreaker, but could try to kill them in retaliation for taking out the destroyer lord earlier. The lone warrior and necron lord finally passed their regroup test, consolidating around the objective.
The annihilation barge missing the tesla destructor managed to take down the stormtalon with another glancing shot, crashing and burning into open ground. The tactical marines lost two men, putting them out of range of the objective to the right. The second annihilation barge did very little against the armour of the central tactical squad, with the night scythe managing to take out the space marine sergeant and one missile launcher. Unfortunately their leadership came through on a roll of 7.
All that was left was to roll for the next turn, which failed.
Counting up the objectives, the Necrons held one with the lone warrior and necron lord, who passed their regroup test (finally). The annihilation barge in the middle held an objective, as did the necron troops in the ruins in the upper middle section of the board. The marines held two objectives, one by the tactical squad in the lower central part of the board, and one by the thunderfire cannon behind the ruins to the lower right hand side. As the marine lost two men in the last shooting phase, they were now out of range of capturing that last key objective. The end score was Marines of Ultramar 8- Necrons 9

Wow that was very close! The battle could have swung either way in the last few turns. If it had carried on into turn 6, and the marines could have taken out that damaged annihilation barge and secured that last objective. Be that the case then it would have been a pyrrhic victory for the gods in power armour. However, that is not how it happened, and the Necrons managed to steal the victory from the grasps of defeat.
The turning point I felt was the loss of the overlord. Who has ever heard of not one, but four failed leadership tests at 10? My opponent was simply shocked, and quite a bit furious with that result, but at least he managed to secure his win.
As we are both in a tournament in a week’s time we will both take away some ideas for our lists when we face each other next. The dice gods may not be in favour next time, but only time will tell.

I will try to keep the next battle reports updated as much as possible, and include some pictures next time. If possible I will use battle chronicler to get some detailed maps of the proceeds in subsequent reports I post.

Let me know what you think :grin:

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as you said, all that was missing were pictures of the battle taking place. It was well reported, I enjoyed the thoughts of each player during the game it gave an insight into how you were both thinking & playing.

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