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I'd thought I'd start a little fan fic, how'd you like it?

The Valkyrie bucked and turned and turned as more rounds hammered into the side. Ork fighta bommas circled the stricken dropship as the pilot fought for control. Inside, Guardsmen Heller of the 42nd Cadian gripped on to his lasgun for dear life, his whole life flashing before his eyes. "this is it," he thought "This is how it all ends." The Fighta bommas reared round for another pass, their guns chattering away. The Valkyrie descended out the air, slowly but surely dropping out of the sky, smoke billowing out of it's air intake. The pilot let out a cry of pain as a bullet slammed through the cockpit glass and into his chest. The ground got closer and closer and the Orks got more accurate with their fire every pass. Heller looked out the the view port, only to see a rokkit slam into the side of the dropship. The viewports splintered, showering the occupants with glass. The Valkyrie could take no more, with an ear splitting crash, the dropship slammed into the polluted hive wastes of Infernus.
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