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Battle Forged Iron Hands 1850

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Hey guys. Haven't posted in a while, but I came up with an idea last night that could be fun, give my SW a break, and hopefully competitive amongst my friends. I've been running into a lot of Necrons, DE, Eldar, and Tau lately.

110 MotF (2x Servitor)

80 5x Scouts (Snipers, Camo, Teleport Homer)
215 10x Tac Squad (Vet, PW, DP, Flamer, HB)
215 10x Tac Squad (Vet, PW, DP, Flamer, HB)

225 5x Terminators (Cyclone Missile)
185 Ven Dread (MM, HF, DP w/ DWML)
185 Ven Dread (MM, HF, DP w/ DWML)

140 Stormtalon (TLLC)
110 Stormtalon (TLHB)

200 Stormraven (TLMM, TLLC)
185 Ven Dread (MM, HF, DP w/ DWML)

Total: 1850

The idea came to me when I was thinking about how real armies in the world invade other countries. My idea would be insert the special forces (Scouts) and have them "guide in" the rest of the army. They'll hide in bolstered terrain for a 2+ save.

Then the bombing starts, so I drop 3 Venerable Dreadnoughts in drop pods with the deathwind missile launchers to start detonating armor and infantry. I was going to take Salamanders for this but realized Ven Dreads are BS5 and cheaper than Vulkan and Iron Hands make them a bit tougher.

Turn two is when the fun starts. If the scouts survive then they can drop in the Terminators with their homer. Of course there is plenty of air support since they are hard to hit and the lascannons are good at mopping up the weaker armored units and Straffing Run makes it hard to miss infantry. The Master of the Forge will ride in the Stormraven with the Servitors to auto repair hull points and possibly a last minute objective grab.

With all the melta and las I decided to make the tacticals purely anti-infantry.

Please tell me what you think and give ideas as to how to make this better. Keep in mind it's mostly fun, but I got waxed twice in a row by necrons last weekend and I'm looking for a little payback. It just has to be balanced because I never know what I'll face in a weekend.
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