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Space marines ( 13th Legion/ Ultramarines chapter), tyranids, Drukhari, Custodes, SoS,
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A fairly good list, plenty of plasma to take care of those annoying Av2+ saves. Just be careful of those gets hot! rolls. Last game I had all but one (I had four) of my plasma cannons fail, leading to the wielder beng wiped out in a ball of plasma- bad times :/

A bit confusing looking at the terminator squad though. How many terminators will you be taking, as you need 10 in a squad to take both an assualt cannon and the missile launcher.

Also, what are your tactics regarding this squad, as at the moment it is a bit mixed up. Either a shooting squad of terminators or assault.

Personally, I'd be looking at assault with all TH/SS equipped, allowing your scout team to have sniper rifles. Great way to seize an objective early on in the tactical objective missions.

Final note: I'd probably give the chaplain a bike also, giving that squad a little more close combat prowess, if not a diversionary attribute from the main force.

...but thats my opinion. What do you think?
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