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Battle Book - Outbreak on Kallex 3

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Hey there everyone, I'm new to this but I thought what the hey. For a while now me and a group of friends have been playing alot of 40k matches and we like to create some form of backstory to give the matches life.

But now we have decided to take the next step forward and design our own version of the Imperial Armour books avilable at forgeworld that we are calling Battle Books that we hope can be used in our club. Anyway here are a few things that we have brain stormed among ourselves and I thought lets see what you all think of what me have so far.

Book Name:
Outbreak on Kallex III

Plot: Kallex III is the only planet that is inhabitat within the Kallex system. The planet has only one large land mass but is surrounded by several smaller islands all of which have been converted into industrial and urban zones. Now within Imperial Year (TBD) a call for aid to segmentum command was recived and traced back to the planet of Kallex III and the message itself had but one sentance reading " The dead walk on Kallex" and so with haste a force was sent to the planet and it wasn't long before these forces discovered the planet of Kallex III had been visited by the tainted forces of Nurgle .

Forces of the Imperium:
Vostroyan Firstborn (Regiment TBA)
Ordo Malleus

Forces of Chaos:
Nurgle (TBA)

So that's it so far but we plan on creating other sections like special characters, unique rules and even an army list just for the followers of Nurgle and I'll update with more info once we have it.

So I hope you all like it and let me know what you think, but please be nice.
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