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Battle Bones Kickstarter by Sanctioned Chaos

This is an interesting little KS run by a couple of friends.

A fantasy dice game where 2 or more players control the armies of Sorroah using the forbidden artefacts: the BattleBones.

BattleBones sees players take on the role of a CleroMancer one of the MageCaste who use ancient Artefacts of great power to control the armies of the land. Through the use of these BattleBones, warriors and heroes are summoned to the field of battle, where great battlelines are created with which to attack the enemy.
These BattleBones are represented by special dice, each face showing one of the elements of the army:

What JP said,

We've been working on BattleBones for 2 years and now we're ready to take it to production. The game has been playtested at our Sanctioned Chaos games club, and now we're looking to raise the funds to manufacture the Core Set.

Its a cracking little game that allows you to pack up and drop in pocket, quick and easy to play it allows new players or younger players to try out the hobby, or for those that wish to pass the time in those quiet moments.

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