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Bastion Wars Omnibus

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Just noticed the Bastion Wars Omnibus on the Amazon/BL page. I haven't read any of the stories so far.

Any opinions on the individual novels? Is the Omnibus worth it?
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Come now Malus, the first and third ones probably were not.

Overall the series is alright, each novel has little or nothing to do with each other beyond being set during the 'Bastion Wars'.

Book one follows an inquisitor, two follows an imperial guard regiment (this is also the book where Zhou is accused of plaplagiarism), and the third follows a renegade space marine chapter.

Each book has its moments, but they feel fleeting at best. Personally this iisn't a set I'm very inclined to reread when I can instead go for Eisenhorn or Ravenor, Gunheads/Desert Raiders, and Soul Hunter/Avenging Sons short stories.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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