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Bastion Wars Omnibus

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Just noticed the Bastion Wars Omnibus on the Amazon/BL page. I haven't read any of the stories so far.

Any opinions on the individual novels? Is the Omnibus worth it?
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Read the first novel, I would reccommend you look at the cover and then pass it by, it is awful in the extreme, infact there is just no point to the book at all!
I'd have to agree. Many a time was there when I considered just setting that book down and not bothering to finish it. Not sure how I managed to finish it, but it was truly an awful book and felt more like work to read it. It got a bit better with the final desperate battle at the end, but it didn't even come close to redeeming the rest of the book. Since then I haven't been able to even bring myself to attempt reading the other two.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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