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Bastion Wars Omnibus

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Just noticed the Bastion Wars Omnibus on the Amazon/BL page. I haven't read any of the stories so far.

Any opinions on the individual novels? Is the Omnibus worth it?
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I've heard great things about Blood Gorgons
I very much enjoyed Blood Gorgons. Emperor's Mercy was decent, though my favourite scene is the one with the Blood Gorgon, but rather long-winded, and Flesh and Iron while controversial did have some very good scenes and a brilliant epilogue. Blood Gorgons though was very good and had a Chaos Space Marine warband with a unique twist to them that made them quite memorable. They are the reason I hope Henry Zou will write for BL again, I want more of the Blood Gorgons.

Same here. One of the better ones featuring CSMs as protagonists, and definitely deserved a sequel if it wasn't for Zou hitting his spot of bother. The other two are only worth reading if you have nothing else to hand while sitting on the crapper.
Well maybe the rest of the was disappointing, I felt it was ok, but I thought the epilogue to Flesh and Iron, and the moral it carried, was one of the best in BL. It shows how the Imperium is responsible for creating the monsters that plague it, for every monster that was simply born that way or found his own way to it, there are nine that the Imperium made through it's internal corruption, brutality or general uncaring attitude towards humanity as individuals.

That is the true story in FoI. One of those self-created monsters being born.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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