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This is a basic history I put together for a Chapter of Space Marines I will run. It is not my main army, but it also provides the history for my Imperial Guard regiment, and how they began to serve the imperium, and how it happened.

Bastion Legion Chapter
After a long campaign in the Eye of Terror, the Brazen Claws out of necessity, decided that their chapter alone would not be enough to continue a campaign, and keep the chapter at fighting force. In order to maintain their numbers, they would perform raids to capture ships which had become recently stranded in the warp, and indoctrine members of the crews that were able, as new recruits and train them as Space Marines. Those not considered worthy, were given menial jobs maintaining the ships, and materials not directly belonging to the chapter, in order to keep a home fleet in tact.

The Brazen Claws, in the course of rescuing stranded ships, came across the means to replicate the gene seeds of fallen brothers, and increase the number of Gene Seeds available. They used this technology to create a successor chapter, the Bastion Legion. Slowly through years in the warp, the Brazen Claws formed the successor chapter, giving them the sole job of carrying out raids to perform the rescues, to secure materials needed by the fleet to maintain itself and its numbers, and to provide the closest approximation of a safe haven within the warp for the Brazen Claws to return to.

Cortez Ectelion, was the Battle Brother who became the Chapter Master of the Bastion Legion. Cortez brought the Bastion Legion quickly to full strength. During this time of building, Cortez Ectelion came across a young recruit named Leitz Morden. Morden was a very accomplished combatant and tactician. Cortez Ectelion put Leitz Morden in charge of offensives carried out by the Bastion Legion. In order to co-ordinate efforts of raids and defense, Leitz Morden assigned his friend Mephiston Corbulo to maintain communication between the two halves of the Chapter.

Due to the crude existence that the chapter was created, maintained, lived, fought, and died in. The replicated genes were not surprisingly flawed. The Bastion Legion quickly became a very brute and direct Chapter, completely ignoring stealth and maneuverability tactics, preferring massive, direct assaults. This in part occurred because of the very shot window of time they had to requisition a target before it became uselessly corrupted by chaos. There were numerous occasions where the Bastion Legion would end up inflicting numerous civilian casualties in an attempt to wrest them before the succummed to chaos.

Lietz Morden was responsible for the rescue of countless ships which had become trapped in the Warp, swooping in before they succumbed to the forces of chaos, and the demons within. Morden attempted to use materials and technology captured to create several new successor chapters for the Brazen Claws within the warp, but all new attempts failed. The new generation of Gene Seeds became quickly corrupted before even a dozen seeds had been cultivated. Mephiston Corbulo, under the orders of Leitz Morden, quarantined the seeds away from the fleet, using them to attempt to learn how to rectify the Bastion Legions own flaws.

Some time after the Bastion Legion became full strength, and after countless clashes with Chaos, Leitz Morden came to the notion that since they had not been Commissioned by the High Lords of Terra, that they were not an official chapter, and had no place in the service of the emporer, and that the Chapter was not a Bastion, but a Bastard Legion. Cortez Ectelion rejected the notion, stating that they were created out of necessity, and with the knowledge and blessings of the emporer. Cortez stated that even though the traditional channels were not followed, the emporer could reach even the darkest of places, and orders to form their chapter could only have come directly from the Emperor. Leitz Morden was in obvious disagreement, and in a grave deriliction of duty, Cortez Ectelion allowed him to live.

The decision to allow Morden to live would be a fatal one. In the heat of battle with chaos forces attacking the Bastion Legion home fleet, nearly half the Bastion Legion abandoned their brothers under the banner of Morden, and joined the side of Chaos, becoming exactly what they claimed they were all along, naming themselves the Bastard Legion. The Bastion Legion defended their position, and Leitz Morden and Mephiston Corbulo fled.
Cortez Ectelion ordered that the corrupted gene seeds stored by Leitz Morden be exterminated. The Bastion Legion set out to destroy the stockpile, but encountered the Bastard Legion already in flight, having retrieved the corrupted gene seeds. The Bastion Legion engaged the Bastard Legion, but many of the Bastard Legion had already escaped, and the Bastion Legion only inflicted minimal casualties.

The members of the Bastard Legion were comprised of the followers of Leitz Morden, and the entire wing of the Bastion Legion that was responsible for rescuing stranded vessels. After they abandoned the Bastion Legion, it much harder for the Bastion Legion to rescue these vessels, many of which being found had already been discovered and raided by Leitz Morden and Mephiston Corbulo. As a result, ships, soldiers, and replacement materials available dropped significantly for the Brazen Claws and Bastion Legion.

The Bastion Legion was dealt a crippling blow by this turn of events, and although they rebuilt their numbers, became distrusted by the Brazen Claws. The Brazen Claws, demanding a show of faith, demanded that the Bastion Legion would not engage Leitz Morden or the Bastard Legion, and would leave the traitor marines to the Brazen Claws.

After numerous years engaging Chaos forces, the Brazen Claws became entangled in a large engagement with the Bastard Legion, in which they became trapped, and faced destruction. Cortez Ectelion put rescued Imperial Guard in charge of the Bastion Fleet, and the Bastion Legion left their post to launch a chapter large assault to resue the Brazen Claws.

During the course of the Battle, the Bastion Legion determined that the Brazen Claws had been effectively trapped due to a large buildup of Warp Energy in the region, which had been accumulated due to the efforts of the Leitz Morden, leading the attack on the Brazen Claws. The Bastion Legion led a mighty assault on the Morden's forces through the heart of a warp storm. A large majority of the chapter was destroyed in the assault, and only a few hundred survived to actually combat Mordens forces. As they engaged the Bastard Legion, they found that Leitz Morden had been transformed into a Demon Prince. In a fierce battle, the Bastion Legion Chapter Master, Cortez Ectelion managed to slay the Demon Prince Leitz Morden of the Bastard Legion, releasing the Warp Energy.

As the energy dispersed, the region that Leitz Morden had occupied began to collapse as Mephiston Corbulo attempted to take control of the Bastard Legion and slay Cortez Ectelion and the Bastion Legion . As the Bastion Legion retreated back through the storm to regroup with the Brazen Claws, the storm dispersed, dumping the Bastion Legion back into normal space in the vicinity of a planet called Eos, which had been isolated by a nearly 1000 year long Warp Storm, dispersed by the actions of the Bastion Legion.

The Bastion Legion now numbered barely over 100 Battle Brothers. Now once again in the Imperium, the Bastion Legion took their remaining fleet over the death world Ourea, and began once again, recruiting to regain their numbers. Within the first year as they recruited, the Bastion Legion determined that outside the nearby planet Themis, the majority of the planets they had found no longer supported the emporer.

The Bastion Legion, not having the numbers to execute an exterminatus on any planet, joined forces with the Eos 127, 168 and 190, which were the regiments comprising the only brigade actively supporting the Emperor, and attempting to force acknowledgement of his rule. Alongside these guardsmen, the Bastion Legion attempted to regain their numbers, and bring the light of the emporer back to the planets Eos, Hyperion, Nyx, Tethys, Pallas and Menoetius.

The Eos 127 and the Bastion Legion both quickly learned that with the region being re-opened, it created a new abundance of resources, and an alley for invaders to enter the imperium, creating a perfect staging area for any army who wanted to make a full scale invasion. Before long, imperial forces began appearing in the region, making an attempt to fortify entry into the region by xenos and chaos forces.

The Bastion Legion finally reported to the Astartes, which after receiving Cortez Ectelions report of their exploits in the warp, became very distrustful of the Bastion Legion. The Astartes quoted the flaws in their gene-seed, the corruption leading to half the chapter joining Chaos forces, their apparent abandonment of the Brazen Claws, failure to follow orders and avoid the Bastard Legion, abandoning their post, and their apparent continued tolerance to enemies of the emporer, not only in the case of Leitz Morden, but in how they dealt with planets not loyal to the emperor.

The distrust of the Bastion Legion was quickly spread beyond just their sector, and they quickly learned that the only Imperial Forces that would willingly fight alongside them were the Eos 127, 168 and 190. Although they did not provoke outright hostility, Cortez Ectelion was constantly watched for signs that the Bastion Legion might turn traitor.

Due to their shortcomings, as punishment, the Bastion Legion was placed solely responsible for the region around Eos, with only assistance volunteered by other forces. The Bastion Legion now had to deal with resistance from the recently indoctrined planets, as well as constant Dark Eldar raids attempting to plunder for resources and slaves. Mephiston Corbulo would attempt incursions with his Chaos forces, attempting to gain retribution for what happened to his master. Ork forces were a constant threat with a new battle ground available for plunder, as well as the tyranids with a new plane on which to feed. Rumors also spread of a necron tomb which laid dormant due to the warp storm, which now began to come to life. Even the occasional Space Marine force, who decided that the Bastion Legion was a threat to the imperium, and decided to purge the imperium of them.

All this was the new nightmare and constant struggle the Bastion Legion was forced to face, receiving no reprise from their struggles in the warp. Learning that no matter where you go in the universe. There is no peace, there is no respite, there is only war.
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