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I have been playing about with some simple basing ideas i had and thought i would share them.

Large Stone Base

Start by gluing a suitable size slate to the base using thick superglue.
Next spread P.V.A. around the base where the slate has not covered and cover with fine sand.
Paint the slate with Dawnstone grey and wash with Nuln oil.
Paint the sand Steel Legion Drab and wash with Agrax Earthshade.
Dry brush the slate with Dawnstone then Administratum grey.
Dry brush the sand with Steel legion drab then zandri dust.
Add a little dab of pva on the sand and put a little static grass on to finish it off.

Mountain Snow Base

First cover the base with pva and sprinkle mixed grain sand all over.
When dry add blobs of pva where you want the snow to be and cover with fine sand, repeat this step to make the snow deeper.
Paint the main part of the base (not the snow parts) with Dawnstone grey, wash with Nuln oil and high light with a light dry brush of Dawnstone grey.
Paint the snow areas first with Fenrisian grey then a heavy dry brush with white scar.
Add a little flock here and there around the snow with pva to finish it off.

Lava Stepping Stones Base

Cover the base with pva and coarse sand, repeat this step to get a thicker layer.
Select the amount and appropriate sizes of small bark and paint them with Abaddon black.
Paint the coarse sand with Fire dragon bright, wash with bloodletter glaze and dry brush with Flash gitz yellow.
Stick the pieces of bark to the base with thick super glue and dry brush them with Dawnstone then Administratum grey.

not sure if these have been done yet but they are quick and easy.



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I agree you can't match the real thing but neither do the models I paint, this matches my style of painting. For me it looks a small slate without paint but painted it looks in scale like a large rock.
That being said I think everyone has to see what's best for them
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