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Zero..Bassies aren't as good as the more specialist Artillery pieces, and the Manticore is a far better generalist - type unit anyway. Lemons just leave a sour taste in your mouth, and your Lips pucker up something chronic when you suck them for too long..not bad on Fish though:p

Overall, how many to take will depend on how many points you're playing (1500, 2000 etc), but the very first requirement I fill when building a list is ensuring I have enough Troop choices..every other FOC slot is secondary to that.

I know you meant Lemans (as in Russes), just my sick humour:wink:, I would only take one per slot and not bother squadroning until you hit the 2250/2500 mark, unless you're aiming for a quasi Armoured Company theme. There are a few reasons why squadroning isn't the best of ideas -
1/ easier to destroy as immobilised = destroyed
2/ firepower of 2/3 Tanks can (is) be wasted on some targets
3/ points spent on multiple squadrons of Tanks could be better spent elsewhere

That said, if you already have the rest of your list balanced, especially ensuring you have enough Troop choices, then 1 squadron of 2 Russes might not be a bad idea, so long as it's a good choice, like 2 LRBT's maybe...just keep it as cheap as possible.

If you take Russes in all 3 HS slots, just take the ones that fulfil your requirements, be it anti-infantry or anti-armour, although our Russes aren't that good at the latter.

On the Bassies..if it's the only Artillery you have available then it's an ok choice, mainly because it's a good generalist that's ok at a lot of things, but not great.
I wouldn't squadron it for similar reasons stated above. Really though, if you want a great generalist - type platform take a Manticore...helps at anti-armour as well as been great at anti-infantry.

As far as mixing Tanks and Artillery goes, I find it works well. Tanks do sustained damage throughout the whole game, whereas Artillery is more an alpha-strike type of unit that causes massive damage in the first few turns (think of the word 'hopefully' when reading that last sentence)...just take the mix that suits your usual opponents - MEQ/Hoards etc.

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Depends entirely on the points available, and what your up against.
If you want to run both Leman Russes and Artillery, usually 2 Russes and a Manticore works well.
I usually find that 1 Russ gets taken out far too easily, where as 2 will soak up the enemy fire for a couple of turns (but dont squadron them).
I like to have the 1 Artillery though, as the Russes will be the main distraction leaving a Manticore to rain death on the opponent.

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