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The worry is with this is that you will have over half your troops not arriving to support the more expensive half of your army for a couple of turns.

I would personally drop the ard boyz as to be honest for the same points you spend on that upgrade you could buy the same squad twice (almost).

Also i have never been a fan of KMBs on loota squads as the range is poor and also minimises the effiecency of the squad as get hot is a real issue on a 6+ save, too many times has my meks died before making use.

By reducing your to 20 boyz and taking off the ard boyz you might want to consider battlewagons to help transport them across the board especailly for that nob squad as it seems like a large point sink only for the trukk to get ramshakled and lose your best units, and also for combat 20 boyz are always better than 12
also adding a deff rolla means steamrolling a few squads and tanks can always be full
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