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That was a very hard fought draw, well done to both sides. I thought at the outset that the nids were a lost cause with only two synapse, as a guard player I would have taken great delight in forcing you onto instinctive behaviour for the whole game.

Guard list was interesting, I would probably swap the executioner for a demolisher and one vendetta for a MRP valkyrie or MRP/Punisher Cannon (either is good) vulture - otherwise, it was pretty effective.

Tyrranid list was startling, the low number of synapse units and only one venomthrope had me really worried but you seemed to pull through despite. Consider using more heavy support slots to space out your carnifexes where you can, carnifex carnifex tyrranofex works well as they won't inflict damage on themselves if they fail instinctive and, best case, they just continue charging forward and killing things. Otherwise, it would pay to keep a ranged warrior unit up their derriere to keep them focussed and suppress any shorter range anti-tank weapons looking at them.

Thanks for sharing!
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