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Orks vs Orks 700pts.
Custom scenario
Kill the Warlord!

Da big mek Tin-Leg was not happy. All his wonderous creations only stod there in the dust. They where made for Killing stuff, not to collect dust! The warboss had promised a proppa fight long ago but still nothing. All that was left for Tin-Legs weird guns and wagons was to target practice against feral Grots that ran around the encampment. It was an insult a big mek of his dignity couldn't take. He gathered the most loyal of his tribe around him and preached that Gork and Mork was angry with da warboss since he didn't lead his tribe to battle. This on the other hand was an insult a Warboss of Barks dignity couldn't take. Bark gathered a force to overrun Tin-Legs party and beat him back into the line.

Turn 1

Barks Mob of Shootas ran up the middle under fire from the Deffguns and Tin-Legs shock attack Gun. Tin-Legs Boom-wagons shells flew far and wide and none hit their marks.

Turn 2

With Barks trukks racing towards the hill unhindered, Tin-Leg ordered the boom-wagons to make a Iron ring infront of the Hill. The ensuing fire saw one trukk wrecked and the other blown sky high.

But Barks lads all made their moral checks!

Turn 3-4

After a successfull WAAAAGH! Barks line hit home. Two boom-wagons where wrecked and Tin-Legs deff dread blev up. Hiding among the wrecked vehicles only few boys perished to returning deffgunfire the following turn.

Turn 5
Another charge later brought Bark into fierce melee with Tin-Legs Lootas. The right Mob wrecked the last Boom-wagon as the left perished to the lootas overwatch!

Turn 6

Bark along with the remaining boys has surrounded Tin-Leg who promise never to agitate te Warboss ever again.

The battle could have ended up very different if it was not for the incredible bad (even for ork standards) shooting from the boom-wagons on turn 1 and that the deffguns never fired more than one shot even though they have the capacity for three. Tin-Leg had a strong firebase but the bad aim let Barks boys hit home almost intact.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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