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some bits already on Ebay, they are clearly makred on the list. This is the link: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/easternbarbar..._from=&_ipg=25

This thread will be updated regularly from now on. Most of the stuff I am selling its new on sprues/ in blisters or out of boxes, sometimes assembled or primed. If there is something wrong with it, then I mention it. For new stuff I am asking 70% of UK Retail Price.

For rare stuff like Dogs of War I expect SERIOUS offers (no, I am not desperate for money, nor is my mate that is selling lots of stuff through me so please don't offer silly amounts- SERIOUS offers always considered though). If you don't like my price, make me a counteroffer, perhaps we can come to an agreement. If not at least please let me know you are not interested. Nothing makes me more annoyed that people who ask you dozens of questions and then just go quiet.

It usually takes me up to a week to post stuff, on rare occasions bit more. I will post worldwide, providing you pay the postage.

I have more things than listed as well, so if there is anything you are looking for, feel free to ask!



3 bears (one already on ebay)

16 kislev horse archers/light cavalry PENDING

tzarina katarina of kislev PENDING


oop metal hellblaster with crew

1x empire engineer from steam tank set (metal) ebay

OOP Ar-Ulrik model ebay

Dark Elves

lokhin fellheart

4 OOP metal assassins

supreme dark elf sorceress on foot

Malekith the Witchking on dragon (dragon wing snapped off but clean break so piece of cake to stick back together) ebay

dark elf hero malus darkblade on cold one ebay
9 metal oop cold one riders without cold ones (some riders have various bits missing though)

20 new edition withc elves

18 dark riders (3 have weapon missing) plus 8 horses (5 of them on ebay)

6 OOP metal bolt thrower crew

Vampire counts

- vampire lord on horse
-blood dragon with extra hand weapon, only mounted one
-19x armoured skeletons metal, including command
- 1 x female vampire GW 1985
-4x metal zombies
- 23x metal grave guard inc. command
-painted (but can be stripped) OOP necromancer on OOP zombie dragon ebay

chaos demons

metal Lord of Change (primed black)

-assortement of VERY old and previous Ed metal bloodletters EBAY


OOP chaos lord on khorne hound

dechala the denied one

chaos champion of tzeentch (from current range)
chaos champion of khorne (one on top of pile of skulls)
3 metal chaos hounds
OOP Galrauch the chaos dragon ebay

- BfSP dwarves minus the cannon, than and slayer.

26 slayers (mix of new edition and oop ones)
slayer king
8 metal hammerers
20 plastic dwarf warriors
josef bugman limited edition standing on barrels
20 warriors with double handed weapons (including amontg them josef bugman and 3 oop metal bugmans)
21 metal thunderers

Dogs of War:
1 bronzino galloper gun Ebay
11 voland venators (some have lance arm from plastic knight set)
11 pizarros lost legion
35 alcatani fellowship
fen beast of albion
21 braganzas besiegers (some missing pavises, incliding braganza)

21 leopold leopards
2 bearmen of urslo (banner bearer and beorg bearstruck)
1 marksmen of migarliano banner bearer
20 rugluds armoured orcs (includes their goblin standard bearer)

Mydas the Mean whole set (so cart with money chest with guy sitting on it and Mydas on foot) EBAY

lucrecia belladonna (available again!)
Lorenzo Lupo the mercenary general
7x gorfang ogres including command
Albion Giants plus druid EBAY
7x desert raiders (including blind boy)

6x tichi huinchi cold one riders

Tomb Kings

Bone Giant
4 Ushabti
7 plastic chariots (including one with tomb king)
8 of skeleton cavalry

3 or 4 tomb swarms
around 15-16 tomb guard
3 carrions
4 chariots
1 screaming skull catapult

metal chariot with Settra
casket of souls


12 nicely painted pilgrims (there is a little bit of damage on them, but just needs touching up here and there)


OOP doomwheel EBAY

1 Assassin from the current range
2 metal warlock engineers

2 warpfire throwers
20 metal slaves with hand weapons inc. musician and oop standard bearer
2 rat swarms
3 jezzails
4 poison wind globadiers

3x metal rat ogres

around 50 previous ed plastic clanrats

2 ratling cannons

H. Elves
2 giant eagles
2 current mages on foot
OOP mage on foot
Tyrion on Malhandir
bolt thrower (metal one)
high elf chariot

2 blisters of metal swordmasters (3 in each)

2 OOP shadow warriors (one with missing bow)
1 giant eagle with elf hero on top (previous edition ones, smaller than current range) EBAY

29 metal archers
limited edition 2002 army box metal standard bearer (primed black)
8 metal ellyrain reavers
15 mixed metal and plastic silver helms

1 metal white lion


18 metal black orcs

7 metal OOP netters

20x arrer boyz with command

25 orc boyz with choppaz
Warboss on wyvern (current)

OOP Azhag the Slaughterer

OOP shaman on boar
current warboss on boar

15 plastic assembled goblins

around 25 BfSP spider riders

2007 limited edition Orc Boss

limited edition 2008 goblin fanatic set


1 Inxi Huinzi (OOP character from 2005 on cold one)
4 metal sking priests
2 x prophet of sotek
1x saurus hero on cold one
2x OOP metal stegadons
slann mage-priest
salamander hunting party
30 plastic saurus warriors
16 metal temple guard

around 20 different plastic skinks (mix of javelins and bowpipes)

kroq-gar on carnosaur

2 blisters of different skink warchiefs
3 blisters of jungle swarms
5 x terradon
8 kroxigors (previous edition apparently)

Wood Elves

sisters of twilight on forest dragon
3 OOP metal scouts

Confrontation Kelts kelt musician



3 sisters with Storm Bolters EBAY

Confessor Kyrinov

CSM (all painted to very decent standard)

lots of metal and platic marines painted in Black Legion colours (decent standard)
10 havocs (painted) EBAY
6 chaos bikes
6 raptors EBAY
5 old school raptors EBAY
fabius bile EBAY
few different chaos lords
cypher EBAY
abaddon EBAY

Tyranids (available again, those that wanted to buy it before backed off)

5 plastic carnifexes,
lots of genestealers,
lots of gaunts,
metal hive tyrants,
hive guard,
brood lord
and other stuff- ask for more details if you are looking for something, might have it

All models are painted to decent, tabletop standard.

1 blister of tanith ghosts EBAY


around 20 assembled but unpainted boyz with sluggaz and choppaz including powerklaw nob
OOP metal tankbusta x1

Dark eldar Kruellagh the Vile
one metal wych


rare limited edition space marine standard bearer

other stuff:

Lord of The Rings:

fighting uruk hai

uruk hai siege troops

uruk hai ballista



orc trackers

morgul stalkers

2x easterling kataphrakts

some mordor orcs

7 x metal warg riders including special character guy

nicely painted cave troll with hammer

mordor orc catapult

Rohan forces (6 cavalry, 12 warriors on foot plus some characters in blisters like eomer, eowyn , theoden etc)

gondor forces (9 cavalry, two sets of warriors of minas tirith, faramir, denetohor..)

LOTS of blisters with characters from the film

elven infantry (25)

Nazgul on winged monster

MUMAK but with no crew, just with platform on top of it.


mounted road warden

1 mordheim clan eshin rat ogre

few metal mordheim middenhaim warriors and priest of ulric

around 20 metal zombies from modheim undead warband, some of them not on sale anymore!

coffin shields set x2
1 mercenary ogre for mordheim

aenur the sword of twilightx1 EBAY

the Hunter (mercenary guy hunting beastmen)

Black Library model Max Schreiber (2006)
BL model Ulrika Straghov (2006)

16 strong Norse Blood Bowl team plus 6 cheerleaders

12 WARMACHINE Cygnar models (not an expert on them so if you are interested, drop me a line)

Necromund a Kal Jericho and Scabbs mint condition

Massive reisin Stone Troll statuette (early Forgeworld) EBAY

Reisin statuette of Dire Avenger

Heresy miniatures giant scorpion (hm018) and vampire in man-bat form (hv022)

Most of stuff either on sprues or blisters, or assembled but still unpainted, sometimes primed
I will post worlwide, this thread will be updated constantly.

I am mainly interested in money but will trade for: Warmaster Skaven, certain Epic orks, snotling pump wagons, WH40k battlewagon (especially if with deffrolla) .

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Well, I am selling full collection of unwanted stuff for me mate :)
Its a blister with normal tanith troopers, not with characters. Its three of them in there.
Considering they go for 5-6 quid each these days on ebay I think 13 pounds posted would be a good price (if you are outside UK it will be lil bit higher- 14 pounds) . PM me if interested.
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