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Please note this book is now part of a four book omnibus entitled "The Lost," and cannot be purchased on Black Library as a single book. I brought it as part as an Omnibus. With that in mind, enjoy the review.

Traitor General: Dan Abnett
A Gaunt’s Ghosts Novel

The forces of Magister Sek have captured a high raking Imperial Lord General and Commissar Ibram Gaunt and a team of men have been tasked with the re-capture of this vital officer. Dropped onto the world of Gereon, Gaunt and his Ghosts witness first hand, the horrors of a world being enslaved by Chaos. Can the Ghosts track down and save the lost General before his resolve is broken or will they have to silence him?​

Well, here’s my first Gaunt’s Ghost Review, and it’s the opening novel in The Lost story arc, and puts Colonel Commissar Gaunt back in the spotlight in Dan Abnett’s most popular series. It’s also been a long time since I’ve journeyed to the Realm of Space known as the Sabbat Worlds, and now I wish I’d picked The Lost Omnibus up instead of the Three Ultramarines books.

Because Dan Abnett isn’t just better than McNeill. He runs rings around him, and whilst reading The Lost I was reminded why Abnett is the King of 40K. And 30k, and I have to say that was a weekend well spent.

Unlike other books published by Black Library, Traitor General lacks the epic battle between Loyalist and Chaos forces. However, what it lacks is made up in writing quality. The book wasn’t rushed, and was paced out to give us a great read that’ll drag you in on a hook and keep you there.

There is a fantastic scene in Traitor General, where we see Gaunt’s Ghosts (of which there are only twelve on this assassination mission), take on five Chaos Space Marines. It’s a great moment, and one of my highlights whilst reading this book.

Also for the first time, Abnett puts in humour, which he has avoided in the last two Omnibuses as of the more serious background. I mean, how can you crack a joke after your planet has been destroyed by the Ruinous Powers?

Rather than focus on several of the Gaunt’s Ghosts, Abnett has put them in a situation where there is only twelve, Gaunt, Rawne, Feygor, Cridd, Curth and more come together for this all star line-up of a well paced book which is one of the best of the Gaunt’s Ghosts that I’ve read. Although, I have to say, If there’s one thing which stops it from getting a ten out of ten, it’s the rather sudden ending.

Rating out of 10: 9/10 – Great Read, easily worth it.

Should you buy this book? Yes especially if you’re a Gaunt’s Ghosts fan.

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