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Okay, here's possibly my final review for a couple of weeks as I'll be on holiday in that period of time. During that, I'll be listining to Throne of Lies, reading Legion, Mechanicum, Tales of Heresy, Ultramarines Omnibus, Eisenhorn Omnibus and The Saint: A Gaunt's Ghosts Omnibus. And then I'll have to review whatever Black Library send me when I get back. So I'll have my hands full. :hang1:.

Rynn's World: Steve Parker

++Activate All frequency vox-net++

++Auth Gamma Five-Five-Two++

++Override Naval STS Relay++

++To all Imperial Forces in the Loki Sector++

++Rynn’s World orbital defence grid breached,

Surface-to-orbit batteries insufficient.

Crimson Fist battlefleet has sustained massive losses and cannot hold.

The Orks are landing upon Rynn’s World.

Situation Critical. Without aid, the planet will surely fall.

Request despatch of reinforcements from...++

++Transmission failed++

++There is only the Emperor, He is our shield and protector++

Okay, after reading Helsreach and enjoying it (see Of Books and Wargames 2), I decided to pick up Rynn’s World. And needless to say, I was disappointed.

I expected intense action, which I got. Pedro Kantor and the last few surviving Crimson Fists battling against all odds. I expected the Crimson Fists characters to be memorable, like the Helsreach novel. However, I was disappointed. These characters were entirely one dimensional. The battle for Rynn’s World had been one of my favourite 40K battles (behind The Siege of Terra and The Battle for Prospero), and I was glad that they at least made a book about it.

However, Steve Parker could have done better, for instance the invasion lasts for several months but it feels as though, per the book, it lasted only a week, and I didn’t feel as though the Chapter had any sort of way that made it unique, and I’m sure Brother Subtle of Drop Site Massacre will agree with me there.

I guess, there isn’t really any more to say about this, other than that I struggled to finish. I found myself skipping through pages to find out whether Alessio Cortez survived his clash with an Ork Warboss, and yeah, not an enjoyable book overall.

High Point: Kantor and Cortez’s bickering. They are two entirely opposite characters that have different views on everything (Kantor wants to save his chapter, Cortez wants a glorious last charge), but Cortez still respects his old friends will, as Pedro Kantor is the master of the Chapter after all.

Low Point: One Dimensional Characters, no uniqueness of the Crimson Fists.

Rating: 3/10 - The lowest rating that I’d have to give a Black Library book yet.

Should you buy this book? If you want to have a collection of Space Marine Battles or enjoy one dimensional characters fighting against Orks.

~Bane of Kings, over and out. Expect loads of reviews when I get back hopefully.
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