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Okay, here's Path of the Warrior up as promised. Remember to head over to Of Books and Wargames 2, for the earliest reviews and other bits of stuff. Also, I need a new name for the website, so comment here or drop me a pm.

Path of the Warrior: Gav Thorpe

The Ancient Eldar are a mysterious race and each devotes their life to a chosen path that will guide their actions and decide their fate. Korlandril abandons the way of peace for th Path of the Warrior - to follow the arts of death and destruction. Choosing the Warrior Aspect of the Striking Scorpion, Korlandril intends to become a merciless killer adept in the art of close - quater combat. But the further Korlandril travels down this path, the closer he gets to loosing his identity and turning into the ultimate embodiment of warfare.​

There are two things that you notice when you pick up this book. One, is the awesome cover (Thank you Neil Roberts!), and Two, it's the first Eldar book done by Black Library. So, despite not being into Eldar at the moment (Although, I have started a project in the past, but other things got in the way), I picked this book up, hoping it would not tempt me to collect Eldar after I picked up the Blood Angels codex in a recent purchase.

Now, onto the actual book. This is the first peice of Xenos book that I have ever read, despite glancing through the first two pages of Fire Warrior in my school library. The story follows a young Eldar named Korlandril, who ultimatley ditches path of the artist for path of the warrior, and turns from peace. Gav Thorpe, despite the negative reviews I've heard about him in the past, really gives us loads of information in showing how the Eldar live and work.

Unfortuantly, for those of us who love the fire of guns and tank battles (you know what I'm talking about, battles), this novel isn't really an action packed novel, ranging from battle to battle in the blink of an eye. Sure, there is a minor engagment with the Orks and an apperance from a nameless Space Marine Chapter, but the majorty of this novel is focusing on the Background of the Eldar.

High Point: The Bit between Korlandil and his friend, who shall remain nameless, and a joke about "Path of the Idiot."

Low Point: I found it hard to get into the Eldar at first, namely because I'd never read any fluff from their point of view before.

Rating: 9/10

~Bane of Kings over and out.
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