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Nemesis: James Swallow

AFTER THE HORRORS of Isstvan V, Horus declared outright war against the Imperium. In the shadows f the Emperor's Palace, powerful figures convene. Their plan is to send a teamp of assassins to execute the Archtraitor Horus and end the war for the galaxy before it's even begun. But what they cannot know is that Horus and his dark allies have already embarked on an equally sinister plan of their own.

So, I promised I'd have this review up for you, so here it is. Nemesis, the next installment in the one-million selling Horus Heresy series after A Thousand Sons, is the first novel in the Horus Heresy series, and if am not mistaken, the first Warhammer 40,000 novel to ever feature Assassins.

Sure, it lacks the epic battles that were seen in previous novels like A Thousand Sons and Galaxy in Flames, but every book can't be about big astartes versues astartes battles. This story starts on Gyges Prime with another failed attempt on the Warmaster Horus's life, and this gives Erebus an idea.

"If a tactic can be used against us, It can be used by us."

Meanwhile, back on Terra, Chief Custodian Valdor, along with the Master of Assassins, organises an "Execution Force" of six assassins, Eristede Kell of Clade Vindicare, Jenniker Soalm of Clade Venenum, "The Garantine" of Clade Eversor, Fon Tariel of Clade Vanus, Koyne of Clade Callidus and Iota of Clade Culexus.

All six Clades have combined to send out six members to kill the Warmaster, when Valdor advises that they cannot kill the Arch-Traitor with one, and the first part is really about all of the Assassins meeting up.

Several older charachters re-appear in this story, Rogal Dorn, the Imperial Fists Primarch, The Emperor, Erebus and Luc Sedirae, of the Word Bearers and Sons of Horus respectivley.

Aside from the assassination attempt on Horus' life, there is another sub story on the planet Iesta Veracrux, featuring Yosef Sabrat trying to track down the gruesome murders of people on the planet, and that part of the story is very intresting, but we are drawn away from that because our main attention is well, on what happens to the assassins, the Emperor and the Warmaster of course.

High Point: Well, the final scene where the assassins try to take out the Warmaster.

Low Point: I thought that the rest of the SoH's didn't get as much apperance in the book as I wanted them to, and I still want to know if anything's happened to "Little Horus". Maybe time will tell, but It was good to see the Sons back in action.

Rating: 9.5/10: Not quite as good as A Thousand Sons, but still one of the best books in the series. The only thing from stopping it getting a 10 is because well, A Thousand Sons seemed better than this.

~Bane of Kings, over and out
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