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Okay, this could quite possibly be my last review for 4 weeks now because I'll be offline in the last 2 of those weeks and I doubt I'll get The Founding finished before then. So enjoy this while you can!

Flesh and Iron: Henry Zou

From the Planet of Solo-Baston, there come reports of an uprising. It seems indigenous forces are rebelling against Imperial rule, and a mysterious figure known as 'Dos Pares' is at the centre of the conflict. Into this chaos, the 31st Riverene Imperial Guard are dispatched to neutralise a vital battery of siege guns, and find themselves surrounded by hostile local forces. But what the regiment first dismiss as simple tribal warefare soon turns out to be something much more sinister and dangerous.​

Henry Zou returns to Black Library with Flesh and Iron, the next installment in the Bastion Wars series after the Emperor's Mercy novel, which, aside from being my first 40k novel (apart from Chaos Child) , was also my first sci-fi novel. So naturally, I had to pick this up. I refrained from doing so when it first came out, but I decided to buy it so I could read the prelude to Emperor's Mercy.

Now, becuase my last review kind of strayed off topic to talk about zombies, I'm going to try and stick on topic this review. When I first started reading the book, Solo Baston seemed like the Vietnam of the 40K universe, (but no south and west, it's divided between cities and jungles) with jungle-fighting with not-catachan regiments, and a Colonel who's basically a glory hunter, (much to the displease of his men, mind you), and we also see some in-fighting.

Oh, and this book has some plagerised bits in it, after reading a review on Amazon. I couldn't find the plagerised bits in Flesh and Iron, but I enjoyed it otherwise.

It helps if you've read Emperor's Mercy first however, as Flesh and Iron kind of fleshes out the background and we see the re-appereance of quite possibly my favourite chaos legion, the Blood Gorgons, and Khorsabad Maw from the first book. Oops, I probably shouldn't have told you that. Ah well, better change this to "Minor Spoilers".

High Point: This was great to return to the Bastion Wars series, as I really enjoyed Emperor's Mercy, and it was also my first book about jungle fighting. Who knows, I may have to pick up some books about Veitnam now. This book is also typical 40k, showing the ruthlesness of the Imperials as much as the archenemy. There is no fully "good" side in this universe.

Low Point: That I found out this book had some plagerised content.

Rating: 7/10. It would have an 8 but for plagerising.

Should you buy this book: Depends on whether you're happy about Plagerisim or not. And if you liked Emperor's Mercy. Buy this book if you don't care about plagerisim and you really want to find out what happens in the Bastion Wars novels.

~Bane of Kings, over and out. Next time, I'll be reviewing my first Gaunt's Ghosts Novel, as well as my first Omnibus, entitled "The Founding," by Dan Abnett. Also, I have Eisenhorn and Titanicus waiting to be read, alongside Rynn's World by Steve Parker.

Also, I'll be offline in two weeks so I won't be able to post up reviews unless I can get my Itouch to do it. But expect more reviews four weeks from now unless I get The Founding Finished. I'm also pleased because I share the same name as one of the charachters, lol
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