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Okay guys, here's Fallen Angels. Enjoy :victory:.

Fallen Angels: Mike Lee

As news of Horus's treachery spreads, the Great Crusade grinds to a halt as the primarchs and their legions decide where their loyalty lies, with the Emperor, or the rebel Warmaster Horus. In this sequel to Descent of Angels, the Dark Angels too face a time of testing, both in the stars and on their homeworld, Caliban. Civil war erupts as their planet strives to break free from Imperial rul, and the Dark Angels are thrust into a deadly conflict where all they know and trust is thrown into doubt.

Fallen Angels is the sequel to Descent of Angels in the Million-Selling Horus Heresy series, which if you'll remember from last time, follows Zahariel, now a fully fledged Librarian, stuck on Caliban with Luther and Lord Cypher by orders of their Primarch, and Brother-Redemptor Nemiel, who's now a Chaplain, despite only wanting to be a knight originally. This story also introduces a host of new charachters, Captain Stenius, the master of the battle barge Invincible Reason, and the Terran Sergeant Kohl, a veteran of many campaigns. Kohl also adds some light-hearted humour to this book. There are also people like Governor Taddeus Kulik of Diamat, the planet in which The Lion and the legion not on Caliban are sent to deal with uprising and then, they come across the Sons of Horus, who are now against the Emperor whom they used to follow until death.

Whereas Descent of Angels was mostly based before the Imperials and the coming of the I legion, the Dark Angels, and thus didn't feel like a 40K, or rather, 30K novel, Fallen Angels felt a lot more like the universe that it's set in. But still, Fallen Angels didn't seem to have that epicness that other Horus Heresy novels has (bar Descent of Angels of course), and I noticed a few errors, meaning the editor was either alseep or was distracted.
B]High Point:[/B] When I closed the book, knowing I didn't have to read any more of it.

Low Point: Similar to Descent of Angels, Fallen Angels doesn't seem like a Horus Heresy novel. Maybe an average 40K novel, and a low one like that, but not a HH novel.

Rating: 4/10

~Bane of Kings.

Seeya next time for A Thousand Sons Review.
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