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For those of you want some battle damage on your models, here is a nice tutorial.
I am using my bandages as mummy wrap on my CSM, but someone could use them as eye patches, or on limbs to represent bandages as well (it would look nice on IG units)
Once I get back from class today, I will add pictures for every step to make it easier for people.

Supplies needed:

White Glue (like Elmer's school)
Model Glue
Printer paper
Razorblade (or scissors)
A dirty paintbrush you don't care about

Step 1. Cut the paper into strips that are thin enough to your needs.

Step 2. Place a small dab of model glue on the desired starting point for the bandage. Let it dry.

Step 3. Once it is dry, wrap the desired piece until you are satisfied, or your strip runs out. Then use another small dab of superglue to hold it in place.

Step 4. Once it is dry again, take your paint brush and dip it in the glue. Put a medium thickness glaze around the entire area that was covered. It might take 2 or more coats for the paper to harden, so be patient.

Step 5. Once your model is dry, it is read for paint. Prep it like you would any normal paint job (including primer).

Step 6. Optional. If you want it to look dirty, here is how I painted mine. Using a slighly off-white base, I covered all the bandage areas. I then put a heavy coat of ogryn flesh wash over the entire bandage to give it a weathered effect.

Your final results should look similiar to this (well, not as covered if you did bandages, as these are my mummy marines)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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I really think that's overboard with the bandages. Why in the world would you get expensive models and cover them all up with bandages? Why not just make clay figures/blobs that represent the size of a space marine, add bits of plastic limbs or whatever and then cover them with paper, if nothing's going to be showing through the "mumified" places? I mean like an eye peaking through or a bit of his armor showing? I would understand if some of the "bandaging" wasn't as "tight" on them (i.e. the SM's features poking through and I don't mean just limbs here). I really think they'd look better if they were a bit more "unwrapped".

Don't get me wrong now, I think the idea's great and the paint execution's good too, just think you're going wayyy too much with it (too much of the model's wrapped). Moderation is the key for anything and I think this is one of the cases too.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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