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40k is shock-full of badass quotes, sayings, and chants. What are your favorites? Mine is from Gav Thorpe's Path of the Warrior. It's rather long, but very epic:

"The peace is broken, harmony falls to discord, only war remains.

Now we clothe ourselves, with bloody Khaine's own raiment, as a warrior.

In Khaine's iron skin, we clad ourselves for battle, while fire burns within.

The spirit of Khaine, from which we draw our resolve, strengthens within us.

War comes upon us, we must bear it's dark burden, upon our shoulders.

We stand before Khaine, unyielding in our calling, free of doubt and fear.

We do not flee death, we walk in the shade of Khaine, proud and unafraid.

We strike from the dark, as swift as the scorpion, with a deadly touch.

See not with the eyes, but allow anger to flow, let Khaine's gift guide you."

I swear, the striking scorpions are now my all-time favorite aspects.
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